Complaining about PR activity is up there with complaining about the weather in the parent blogger community. You haven’t made it until you can go onto Twitter and ridicule the dreadful email you have just received. So I thought I’d adjust the balance a little and share a story of a positive nature.

Alison from Total greek yoghurt contacted me recently to invite me to a bloggers event in London, alas working Mon-Fri makes attending these things pretty hard so I declined. Normally this is the end of the conversation, but a few minutes later she emailed again to ask if I’d like some yoghurt anyway? Well there is only one answer for that isn’t there?!

Today a knock on the door announced the arrival of this little pile of yoghurty goodness. Awesome.

I *may* be eating one as a I type this, it is blog research after all.

P.S Clearly the yoghurt was free, but there was no request for any review, I just thought I’d share