I’m feeling a tiny bit smug about this review because I had the good sense to choose a very warm and cosy jacket for my review just before the cold weather hit in January. Since then I have been oh so toasty on my commute to work which is just close enough to home that the heater in my car has only just warmed up when I get there. It has also been extremely useful for a couple of trips to London, train platforms must be some of the coldest places in the country don’t you think?

Jacamo is a men’s clothing retailer which sells both its own brand clothing along with many well known brands. I shopped online but it also has a number of stores around the country. Jacamo were looking for some dad bloggers with a sense of style to do reviews and clearly my blog was the first one they thought of. I always keep up with the latest fashion and most definitely don’t still wear a jumper that I bought 14 years ago.

While I may not have a real sense of the latest fashion I am most definitely the ideal person to test an online store because quite honestly I hate shopping and will avoid it whenever possible. Unless it’s an outdoors store of course, then I could happily spend the whole day there, if you’re ever in the USA and spot an REI store do go take a look, such awesome places.

Now Jacamo may not have a large selection of cycling helmets or kayaks to peruse but what it does have is a very good online store for clothes shopping. The filters in the left hand tool bar are very effective at reducing down the selection to show just those things that are relevant and they do it quickly. What’s more delivery is next day as standard or you can choose a specific delivery day with no extra charge. Service as it should be.

The jacket itself is great, so very warm but not overly bulky. It definitely fits towards the large side, I ordered a medium which is reasonably long on me despite the fact I’m 6′ 1″. It has a couple of large pockets which are ideal for keeping your hands warm with 2 small pockets on top for putting your keys in that close with a popper. Ultimately I think I look awesome in it.

Voi Jeans goose down jacket