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Grow your own

One of my very favourite blogging campaigns that I’ve been involved in is the Heinz grow your own, we had great fun with it 2 years ago after we’d just moved into our new house and had a veg patch for the first time. So I’m very happy that we’re going to be taking part again this year.

This week we took delivery of this very awesome parcel containing the all important tomato seeds along with a wheelbarrow (which Henry has decided is most definitely his), a watering can and a fab colouring book. Henry has spent the past few days moving things around the garden in the wheelbarrow which is why I now have lots of little piles of stones dotted over the lawn. Matilda on the other hand would quite happily spend most of the day watering various things, mainly plants but also her trucker and my feet if I stand still for too long.

Heinz wheelbarrow and seeds

We’ll hopefully be getting the seeds planted in the next few days and then tracking their progress as they turn into seedlings and then eventually (we hope) great big tomato plants with lots of juicy tomatoes on them. So look out for more posts in the next few days and I’d love to hear what your vegetable growing plans are for the year.

If you’d like to get hold of some seeds of your own, you can head over to the Heinz Facebook page where¬†you can use their app to win your very own seeds.

P.S. We’ve also made good use of the lovely wooden crate that the things came in, it’s now holding the firewood next to our log burner in the lounge.

Down at the bottom of the garden…

Down at the bottom of the garden

Among the birds and the bees

Are some little people, planting tomato seeds

Getting ready to plant seedsI’m not the most green fingered person and find it hard to get too excited by flowers, but when it comes to things you can eat it’s a different story. I also want Matilda and Henry to learn where food comes from and get excited about eating peas straight from the pod or lettuce fresh from the ground. I think if you can get kids involved with food from a young age it can have a real impact on their eating habits in later life.

So with spring finally here we took the opportunity to get some seeds planted and tidy up the raised beds that were already built in our new house. My approach to planting vegetables is to grow things that we eat regularly (sounds obvious but lots of people plant what they think they should not what they’ll use) and also try to plant some unusual things like purple carrots.

With this in mind we have one raised bed now full with potatoes, onions and garlic. All things that are easy to grow and we’ll definitely make use of over the next few months. The other bed we’ll most likely plant a lot of salad leaves to go with all those BBQ’s we’ll be having.

Matilda wateringFinally (with some help from Heinz) we’ve planted some Tomato seeds in trays which hopefully soon will have grown enough to be transferred to pots and then producing lots of juicy tomatoes. Matilda loved the fact that she now has her own little watering can and spent the rest of the afternoon watering every single plant in the garden and her feet.

Heinz have launched a grown your own initiative to encourage families to get into their gardens and grow some tomatoes of their own. For more information you can log onto their Facebook page where there are fun games for the family and free seeds being offered.

This is a sponsored post, Heinz sent me some seeds and gardening things for the children and will provide hamper of products if I publish 2 more posts tracking the progress of the seeds. All words and opinions are of course my own and I really do love growing vegetables.