HEAR YE, HEAR YE, this fool is pleased to announce that he has again demonstrated the prowess of his little swimmers and our crazy little family is going to be getting a new addition.

The alternative version of this story is that the lady of the manor finally wore me down with her arguments for a large family. We compromised on 3 children as a happy middle ground between her wanting 437 and me wanting to stick at 2. Now I have to come to terms with the children outnumbering the adults in this house. Scary stuff.

Today we had our first scan which confirmed that there was only one baby (phew), it has all the right limbs etc (awesome) and it’s a fidget arse (just like its dad). Having moved last year we are also going to maintain our record of having each baby in a different hospital. Although the lady of the manor is talking of having a home birth, not quite sure about that and just have visions of Henry diving into the birthing pool while our backs are turned.

Third time around feels very relaxed, especially now we’ve had the first confirmation everything is ok. But that moment when you first see your baby squirming on the scan screen never gets old does it? First time it really becomes real for me given it’s not growing inside me, feel a bit more connected to the pea now that I’ve seen it. Before now it’s all a little surreal, you know it’s happening but it hasn’t really sunk in. Now it’s definitely real, I’ve seen the baby wriggle!

The pea is apparently due on 16th October, which is going to be interesting as I’m running the Yorkshire marathon on 13th October. Might have to run that one with my phone just in case.

So here’s to being a party of five (plus one dog), to being outnumbered and to having to buy a people carrier. But most of all here’s to the lady of the manor who makes the most amazing babies.

The Pea scan photo