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The Gallery – expressions

Another week, another gallery prompt, our challenge this week from Tara over at Sticky Fingers was to take a photo based on the prompt of expressions.

This photo was taken at the weekend on my phone (so excuse the quality), my wifes lovely uncle had come down for the day to wallpaper 2 walls in the nursery. Putting wallpaper up really is an art so I’m more than happy to let someone ‘volunteer’ to help (got to let the family get involved with the Bean somehow right?!). Well he’d just finished and the lady of the manor went into see it for the first time so I of course asked her to pose.

Now you may be thinking that the expression I’ve gone for is a smile or happiness, but you’d be wrong. Her expression is actually “this wallpaper is beautiful, but oh my god this means that I actually have to give birth in the near future, arrgggghhhh”

Bean and wallpaper

P.S. I’ve blogged about it before, but in case you’re interested the wallpaper is part of the Quentin Blake collection from Osbourne & Little

It started with a kick…..

Last night was a big, no massive event; the bean went from being something in a scan photo to a real live moving person. You see for the first time I managed to feel the bean kicking. The lady of the manor had of course being feeling movements for a while (or maybe it was just gas?), but nothing that could be felt on the outside. Feeling a kick is a pretty big deal for a guy, it’s when it all starts sinking in that in less than 3 months we will be bringing a new little person into the world. It really is quite an amazing thing that there is a little baby in there happily growing and moving around and can leave you quite speechless sometimes.

Strangely enough this event has also coincided with us starting to spend the big bucks, being our first child we have to buy EVERYTHING! It would appear that paying my salary direct to Mothercare may be a good idea going forward. Fortunately I planned ahead and have been investing in the share save scheme at work which pays out next month and should hopefully pay for a good chunk of the things we need. Combined with a few donations from family we should soon be ready for the big day.

We are also in the final stages of planning the decorating for the Nursery; this is one of the last rooms in the house that has gone untouched since we moved into the house a year ago. A kind of unspoken rule between the 2 of us that it would be the baby’s room so should be left for now.

Of all the decorating and interior design that we’ve done so far this is the most excited I’ve been, mainly because of the amazing wallpaper we’ve found. The issue with decorating this room is that we didn’t find out the sex of the baby so need to keep the room quite neutral, but really didn’t want to just paint it yellow. Fortunately we spotted some wallpaper from Osborne and Little which is a Quentin Blake collection (him of Roald Dahl fame). I tweeted a picture of this last week and got a quite amazing reaction, in case you missed it here it is again. I think this is such a cool design that will suit a boy or girl and also not just for a baby room, so fingers crossed no re-decorating for a while! We’re going to put it on 2 walls and paint the rest, plus most likely have a blind in same design.


Its funny how sometimes a song pops into your head like a soundtrack to a film, in this case I spent a few hours singing to myself “it started with a kick” to the tune of Hot Chocolates It started with a kiss. I’d suggest you re-read this post humming that tune to yourself for an interesting insight to the workings of my brain 🙂

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The ‘lasts’

When you have children you naturally look forward to the ‘firsts’, the first smile, laugh, walk, word, the list goes on. Well the Bean is still 3 months from making an appearance so I’ve been ticking off the ‘lasts’ instead. It’s quite a strange feeling to be honest, knowing that from April I will be a dad, as they say it’ll never be the same again.

So what have been the major ‘last’ milestones that I’ve been through so far? Well in that time honoured tradition, here’s a top 10 (in no particular order of course!) of recent ones and also a few to come shortly.

  1. The last Christmas without children; which as my friend Suzanne pointed out kids make Christmas so this really isn’t a bad thing, just a little quieter than the ones in the future! Plus the lady of the manor really is a child at heart wanting to open her presents on Christmas Eve, so it won’t be too different.
  2. The last time someone asks me how I am before asking about the baby; having a puppy has probably speeded this up in any case.
  3. The last holiday where we only needed 1 bed!
  4. The last 3 months of having a spare room and not a nursery
  5. The last visit to an attraction and not needing a family ticket
  6. The last night out without needing a babysitter
  7. Judging by the parents on twitter that I follow the last time I get to sleep past 6am?!
  8. The last form filled out with a ‘0’ in the number of dependents box
  9. The last time I clean the car and don’t find dried food, nappies, baby toys, wet wipes (take your pick) under the seats
  10. 10.  The last time I turn on the TV and Cbeebies doesn’t appear.

But you know what? I can’t wait to be a dad and hold my son or daughter for the first time. It’s going to be such fun, particularly given that we’re going to New Zealand in September for 3 weeks (more of that at a later point). For now the planning has started in earnest; how to decorate the nursery, which push chair to buy, disposable nappies or not, which car seat, how long can the lady of the manor take for maternity leave, how to introduce the baby to the dog and so on.

What are the key lasts that you remember? What is the one thing we should buy before everything else? Would love to hear your comments. I’ll leave you with a photo from our summer holiday this year where the good lady and I travelled to Brittany in June, think this picture could look different in years to come. Strangely this holiday was almost exactly 9 months before the bean is due…..

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