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Labour, a man’s perspective – part 3

This is the 3rd and final post about Henry’s birth, you can find the others here and here.

Home and the bit I’ve been most nervous about, introducing Matilda to her new brother. In the end it was pretty easy, she pointed, she made her ‘who’s that’ noise then crawled off to find something more exciting. Hopefully it’ll be that easy from now on but I doubt it.

The lady of the manor is being a true legend, has recovered pretty bloody well and seems to be feeding him easily. Which is great as I know how important that is to her and her one regret with Matilda.

Family have booked their slots, passes have been issued and an entry fee of one cooked meal decided.

Me, I need to close a few things for work and make sure the people who are covering know what to do. Then I can start my 3 glorious weeks with my fabulous family. Me and Matilda are going to have some adventures to give the lady of the manor some quality time with Henry. Plus let’s be honest, newborns getting a bit dull after 10 minutes, they just lie there, that’s it. Whereas Matilda is a lean, mean trouble making machine. Henry’s time will come but for now it’s me and my girl.

*collapses in a sleepy, dribbling, incoherent pile*

Labour, a man’s perspective – part 2

This is the second post about the birth of Henry, the first can be found here.

So here I sit, a moment of calm after a night of adrenaline fueled activity. My little purple dude in the cot next to me, I’m watching him closely just to make sure he’s still breathing. Doesn’t matter that it’s the second time it still as scary as shit isn’t it? I mean it’s magical and all that how humans are made and born but you still take some convincing that it’s an actual real life human that has popped out and is now lying in front of you. (and yes I know they don’t just pop out but hey this is a man’s view don’t forget).

This birth involved nothing that we planned, no home birth for us as there weren’t midwives available to send. We had no bag packed, no plan of what to take or where it was. No decisions made about what we wanted to happen at the hospital etc. Somehow I seemed to have managed to get pretty much everything we needed into a bag in 5 minutes and off we went. But it worked out, it went well, it went quickly.

We lucked out and there was no one else in the delivery ward so we could use the pool. Which although we’d never discussed actually suited us pretty well and in hindsight made for a really ‘nice’ labour. Certainly the lady of the manor seems to have recovered much quicker than with Matilda.

There was a real heart stopping moment right at the end of the labour when the cord got stuck around his neck and the midwife wanted the lady of the manor out of the water NOW. But she stood up and his shoulders popped out and we were home dry. But then we looked at him and he was blue, I mean really blue. And not breathing. SHIT. My heart  was beating at a hundred miles and hour as they put him on the resuscitator. Then we heard that all important cry and touch wood everything looks to be ok.

Now we have a few hours of chill out in our own little cocoon in the delivery suite while the little purple dude warms up. A precious few hours before we face the reality of 2 children under 2 and the chaos of the many visitors to come.

I’m pretty tired, but no man is brave enough or stupid enough to actually say those words out loud in a delivery suite are they? I mean it was tough doing all that on 2 hours sleep but ‘all that’ isn’t much contained to the woman’s job is it? The lady of the manor was of course a legend, honestly never ceases to amaze me how she deals with the whole thing with just a bit of gas and air for assistance.

Labour, a man’s perspective – part 1

I wrote a few posts over the last 24 hours on my phone at various stages of the labour process, I really wanted to capture the feelings and emotions of the moment but the lady of the manor wouldn’t let me publish immediately so I thought I’d publish them in a bit of a series instead. Perhaps give you an insight into the mind of a man during labour and birth.

3am and I’m sat in the bathroom while the lady of the manor has a bath. This can mean only one thing, we have lift off and the Sprout has initiated the countdown sequence. *runs around screaming DON’T PANIC DON’T PANIC*

She woke me up a couple of hours ago to tell me that contractions had started. I gathered the facts from her – frequency, length, strength while in my head I was thinking ‘ok, this is great, but do I need to stay awake or can I go back to sleep until they REALLY get going?’.
But here we are, Bracken is over his initial excitement of visitors in the night and is now looking at us like we’re crazy. Matilda I’m sure can sense something is going on as she woke up just now and when I went in she was sat up smiling at me.

Now of course the marathon begins, with my role being the easy one of the guy who sits in the car and shouts encouragement while the lady of the manor does all the hard work. Will this marathon last 48 hours like with Matilda or will it be quicker now that we’ve had a practise run? More importantly will it be a heir to the Fool’s kingdom or another girl to spend my fortune on shoes and sparkly things?

One thing is for sure and that is that I really wasn’t psychologically ready for it so soon, mentally I thought I had at least another week before this was going to happen. A week to finish off those jobs both at home and work. But its a fool that tries to actually plan labour, you just have to go with the flow and make the best decisions you can right?

Reasons to be cheerful

We’re now in that horrible part of January where Christmas is now a distant memory and the next pay day is still 2 weeks away. So what better than some reasons to be cheerful, to remind you that you may be eating jacket potatoes and Tesco value beans for the rest of the month but things aren’t all bad.

  1. We had our 20 week scan for the Sprout yesterday and amazingly enough all limbs/organs/body parts appear to be the right size and in the right place. Maybe disproving the theory that inbreeding creates mutations?
  2. My resolution to cut down my sugar intake seems to be going well, I’ve never drunk sugar in tea/coffee etc but it’s the added sugar to foods that you don’t notice. I have to say I’m feeling an awful lot better for it and can am sure I’m losing weight also.
  3. I have a new bread recipe to try out at the weekend, bread is my new obsession but something in the recipe I’d been using wasn’t working quite right. But after some research on Twitter I have some top tips and am ready to give it another go tomorrow. Watching the Fabulous Baker Brothers this week was also a pretty good source of inspiration!

Oh and also (and no this isn’t a 4th honest) have you looked out of the window today? Just beautiful, I love crisp cold mornings, makes me want to just get out and take photos.

Reasons to be Cheerful at Mummy from the Heart

Listography – Top 5 Photos of 2011

I have become a bit obsessive in the last year in taking photo’s, having a new baby can do that can’t it? However I’ve also been very brave and taken my DSLR off auto and actually tried to use it’s settings. So hear’s my choice of my favourite photo’s from 2011, to see other people’s choices have a look at Kate’s linky here. I have to say picking just 5 photo’s were hard, I mean I have about 500 of Matilda to start with.

1. Matilda 20 minutes after being born, how could I not start with this? I’m so glad I managed to capture this moment, just perfect.

Matilda first hour

2. Race for life 2011; 4 generations of one family all coming together and celebrating fighting cancer, simply inspiring.

Race for life ladies

3. My 2 girls, love this photo and the moment it captured having lunch in Christchurch

Matilda and Alex eating lunch

4. Matilda’s first time on the beach, can there be a more excited and happy face than this? A magical moment in Abel Tasman national park in New Zealand, in my top 5 days of the year.


5. Finally the first time we saw the sprout, walking into that room your heart is racing with excitement and nervousness. Hoping everything is in the right place and that your new baby is healthy. Can’t wait to meet him or her, if it’s a girl then I think I could be in big trouble 🙂


The big announcement…..

The lady of the manor and I have always liked a challenge; in 2005 in the space of 2 months I graduated from university, started a new job, moved house and we got married. In 2009 we bought a house in a town that we visited for the first time when we viewed the house. In 2010 we started renovating said house with zero DIY experience or skills and bought our first dog. In 2011 Matilda was born and the day before she was born we ripped out the bathroom. Not forgetting of course going to New Zealand this year for 3 weeks, in a camper van, with a baby. So with all that completed we were getting itchy feet and needed something new to keep us busy.

I’m therefore pleased to announce that on May 26th (or thereabouts) I will become a dad for a second time. Yes that’s right just 14 months after Matilda was born we’re doing it all again. We had our 12 week scan today and I’m therefore pleased  to introduce you to Baby Sprout for the first time.

DSC_0109We always planned to have a larger family (although how large is still subject to approval by the management team) so there is no point hanging around is there? This was a little sooner than we had planned though, but turns out you only have to do it once. Who knew? Thankfully we did consider the next child when buying things for Matilda, we have a pushchair that will take 2 babies for example. Plus if it’s a boy he’ll just have to like wearing pink.

So my lovely blog readers, here’s to an exciting year ahead of us, to the chaos that will reign, to the laughs and the tears that will no doubt come and most importantly to family. Who could ask for more?