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A breakeven Christmas – the results

As you know in the Fool’s household we’re attempting to make the Christmas a breakeven Christmas, that is only spend what we earn from selling things on eBay etc. Well we’re now a month on from that post and like many people starting to think about what presents we need to buy this year.

So far we’ve raised just over £150 from selling things on eBay, it would have been closer to £200 if it hadn’t been for an issue with an item (long story). But a pretty good total given that we just pulled a bunch of things out of cupboards and drawers that we no longer use or need. In addition I hope to raise a little through some sponsored posts and reviews.

All together it should give us enough to buy most of the presents we need with a little careful shopping. We don’t generally buy presents for all and sundry anyway but we’re being even stricter this year. For my pretty large immediate family (I’m one of 5 children) we do secret santa so only 1 present to buy. For the nephews we’ll buy just something little as they all have plenty of toys already.

All those people who in ideal world where money grows on trees we’d buy presents for are getting homemade gifts, or to be more precise homemade edible gifts. Pointless buying some token gift just for the sake of it, but who doesn’t like receiving some Christmas biscuits?

That leaves a much smaller list of people to buy for and where some good use of the internet comes in handy. For the males I would suggest taking a look at Men’s gifts from ASOSIf you’ve never checked out ASOS before you’re missing out, some great deals on branded clothes which for someone who loathes going clothes shopping is perfect.

I particularly like these Paul Smith socks because who doesn’t like getting socks at Christmas and especially bright stripy ones? Also worth a look is The Moustache Growers Guide Book for all those people who take part in Movember or aspire to have some stylish face furniture. A perfect stocking filler, I may buy one for my little brother whose moustache in November could be best described as non existent.

This post is sponsored by, they asked me to write about their service in return for a fee, however all views and opinions here are my own and breakeven Christmas is most definitely a real idea, just ask the Lady of the Manor! Images are courtesy of and remain their property.

A breakeven Christmas?

Yes I said the C word but it’s November so I think that’s ok right? Now I’m sure we aren’t the only people who get to a couple of months before Christmas and realise that despite best intentions we haven’t been saving money or spreading the present buying. Meaning we do actually need to buy everything that Christmas entails in using the next 2 pay packets. Sure we could use credit but we’re sticking to our new years resolution of no debt and are determined to keep it that way.

Combined with the fact that the lady of the manor’s maternity pay is about to finish (perfect timing) it was time to think of a more imaginative way to fund Christmas.

So the lady of the manor and I have set ourselves a challenge; we want to have a breakeven Christmas. That is we need to sell stuff we own today in order to pay for new presents and food. Given that we are about to sell the house it actually works well and is an ideal way to get rid of all the clutter and things we don’t use.

Plus we really aren’t that extravagant at Christmas, we don’t go crazy buying presents and do secret santa with my big set of siblings. We buy a few things for Matilda and Henry plus a couple of small things for ourselves.

Last weekend we spent a few hours tidying the house and gathering a pile of things to put on ebay, it was free listing weekend so saved us some money even if it did take a few hours. We’ve already sold our first item, my old smartphone, on a buy it now price. £50 is a pretty good start to the fund and hopefully the start of lots more to come.

Can it be done? Can we really sell enough stuff to pay for Christmas? It’s a good challenge and might help focus our minds when it comes to spending too, watch this space for the results!

What about you? Do you save all year to buy presents or hit the final few months and panic like us?