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The new dad’s job – it’s all about feeding the machine

Can you believe a week has passed since Henry was born? A crazy, busy, tiring, stressful, frantic blur of a week. With all the up’s and down’s of the largest roller coaster in the world. I knew it would be tough but it’s been harder than I could imagine, not because of Henry surprisingly, he’s actually slept reasonably well. No what’s been tough is just keeping up, watching Matilda, walking the dog, making sure the lady of the manor has food and drink, keeping the house in somewhat of a reasonable state.

And the heat, oh the heat, its beautiful weather, fabulous for being outside, great for drinks in a pub garden. But not so easy when you have a 1 year old who just wants to crawl outside and a newborn who you’re not sure if they’ll get a chill if you leave them exposed or too hot if you cover them.

The man’s role in these first few days is really just feeding the machine, food and drink go into mum which in turn feeds the wee man. I like to think of it like being the fireman on a steam train, got to keep putting that coal into the fire otherwise the train will shudder and splutter to a halt with lots of banging and clanging. Well I am that fireman, except while I’m  trying to shovel coal there is a crazy 1 year old crawling around the house at 100 mph.

But we seem to  be coping, Henry only lost 5% of his weight in the first 4 days which is great and feeding seems to be going amazingly well. We’re slowly settling into something of a routine, I’m getting fit carrying Matilda in her rucksack for an hour every day walking Bracken and there has been only one incident where I have shouted profanities in a moment of over tired grumpiness.

Matilda has been truly amazing, all of a sudden she looks so grown up and big and she’s actually become a bit cuddly. When the lady of the manor is sat on the sofa feeding Henry she wants to sit next to her and she just smiles and cuddles up. Amazingly in the few days since Henry was born Matilda can already say Henry. She crawls over, pulls herself up and says “enry, enry” Sooooooo cute!

Knackered, tired, stressed, lacking in energy but oh so happy.

Labour, a man’s perspective – part 3

This is the 3rd and final post about Henry’s birth, you can find the others here and here.

Home and the bit I’ve been most nervous about, introducing Matilda to her new brother. In the end it was pretty easy, she pointed, she made her ‘who’s that’ noise then crawled off to find something more exciting. Hopefully it’ll be that easy from now on but I doubt it.

The lady of the manor is being a true legend, has recovered pretty bloody well and seems to be feeding him easily. Which is great as I know how important that is to her and her one regret with Matilda.

Family have booked their slots, passes have been issued and an entry fee of one cooked meal decided.

Me, I need to close a few things for work and make sure the people who are covering know what to do. Then I can start my 3 glorious weeks with my fabulous family. Me and Matilda are going to have some adventures to give the lady of the manor some quality time with Henry. Plus let’s be honest, newborns getting a bit dull after 10 minutes, they just lie there, that’s it. Whereas Matilda is a lean, mean trouble making machine. Henry’s time will come but for now it’s me and my girl.

*collapses in a sleepy, dribbling, incoherent pile*

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