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Saying happy mothers day through the medium of crafting

It’s fair to say that when it comes to being artistic or crafty that my skills are fairly comparable to the toddlers that I’m doing it with. In fact I like to think of myself as the Tracey Emin of craft bloggers just with snot wiped on things rather than excrement. But just like Henry I’ll happily spend half an hour randomly sticking stuff onto a piece of paper and calling it art. Which is perhaps why I enjoy doing craft stuff with the little monsters more than the lady of the manor, it doesn’t bother me that things aren’t perfect as I know I can’t make them any better. The lady of the manor on the other hand…..

Matilda also throws all her energy into craft activities although her OCD tendencies do kick in and she has to put every sticker from a pack onto the paper exactly where she wants them otherwise there is meltdown. Oh and of course the most uttered phrase is ‘my do it’. Which is fine, but perhaps not when it results in the walls and the window having a liberal coating of PVA glue.


Given all this it didn’t take me much time to decide to accept the challenge from Family Investments to make mothers day cards. I think a card covered in glue, buttons and feathers says happy mothers day much better than any cute or witty card from Clinton Cards.

The real challenge though was trying to do this so that it remained a surprise for the lady of the manor, which alas I failed at. She refuses the leave the house on her own you see, would much rather be with us or take us all with her. So I employed her on photography duties instead so for once I am actually in some photos on my own blog.


Family Investments very kindly sent us a box of craft materials to get started and are offering a prize to the best entry. The box contained an amazing collection of papers, card, buttons, feathers and stickers. I’m sure the children would have loved them but the selection I took out of the box was a bit more limited in nature. Mean daddy I know but I find the trick is to give some options but not too many so it doesn’t end up in complete carnage. What resulted from the frantic gluing (and ripping off again), sticking (and ripping off again), cutting and more sticking are quite honestly a perfect example of contemporary art.


But the fun didn’t stop there, oh no, Henry has spent the subsequent 3 days clutching one of the buttons and taking it everywhere. Including in the bath and to bed. He’s an odd child that one, takes after his mum. I’m sure you’ll agree that the final designs proudly displayed here by Matilda and Henry are just perfect and worthy winners of the competition!



The perfect mother’s day?

This is a sponsored post, I was sent a goody bag by Oxo to use on Mother’s day but wasn’t told what to write. All words and opinions here are my own.

I have the same attitude towards mother’s day as Valentine’s Day, which is the concept is a good one but the commercialisation isn’t.  So in our house I kept it simple on Sunday and gave the lady of the manor a real gift rather than some overpriced gift that says mummy on it.

Our day went a little something like this; creep out of the bedroom at 6.30am to get a chatting Henry out of his cot and leave the lady of the manor to have a lie in. Go downstairs and have enough time to make a cup of tea before Matilda makes an appearance.

BBQ cooked breakfastThen breakfast with my 2 favourite little monkeys, which mainly involved telling Matilda to eat her cereal and not try to call the squirrels to come nearer the window. Plus of course persuade Henry that the correct way to eat breakfast isn’t with your feet on the table.

We also somehow found time to make a simple card with Matilda in charge of the ‘stick stick’. If she’d had her way I think I probably would have been stuck to that card along with half the contents of the cupboard.

The lady of the manor appeared around 9.30am, fully rested and recovered of course, so it was time for breakfast number 2. Now in my opinion no mothers day is complete without a bacon sandwich or 2 but we are still without a cooker in our new house so I had to think outside the box. So it was that I found myself in the garden cooking a full English on our gas BBQ (not just a pretty face am I?), which incidentally may become a regular Sunday brunch activity when the weather warms up.

I guess you must be getting pretty jealous now right? A perfect day so far? But wait there’s more.

DSC_0908In the afternoon my 2 commis chefs and I (with a little help from the lovely people at Oxo) knocked up what I can only describe as the world’s greatest Bolognese. I’m afraid I can’t give you the recipe as it’s a well protected family secret but there was some excellent left over slow roasted meat, an Oxo cube or 2 (of course) and a dash of Worcestershire sauce.

Love getting the little ones involved in cooking and beginning the education of where food comes from, how it tastes and how to prepare it. Matilda is also a dab hand at stirring (with a shiny new wooden spoon from Oxo).