This is what mornings look like in our house, you might sense a theme. During the week I normally creep through a dark and quiet house at 5.50am to take Bracken for a run, inevitably returning home to Henry running around the house while the lady of the manor cuddles a cup of tea. Then daddy is in charge, just the boys downstairs (Bracken included of course) eating breakfast and listening to the radio.

The weekends are a bit different though, no alarm is set for me but who needs it when Henry decides 5.15am on a Saturday is the perfect time to wake up? So once again it becomes just the boys downstairs while the girls get their beauty sleep. Matilda is the complete opposite of Henry and will happily sleep past 8am if given a chance. But I don’t mind, I quite like the time with my boys and Henry is on such good form at that time of the morning that you are guaranteed to be smiling within 5 minutes no matter what mood you wake up in.

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