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Listography – 5 favourite posts

Back in the day when I was a ‘proper’ blogger actually writing regularly and joining in with the community one of my favourite blogging activities was taking part in the Listography. A simple premise; each week there was a theme or topic and we had to write our own list for that topic. Well the wonderful Kate Takes 5 has been reviving this meme and in particular this week to celebrate her 6th anniversary as a blogger. Clearly there was something in the air 6 years ago as I started my own blog a week before Kate (my first ever post is here if you’re interested) and I know that a couple of my other favourites (like Hello it’s Gemma) also started around the same time, late 2010 was a good vintage! Although I’m nowhere near Kate’s milestone from a stats perspective, for whatever reason I’ve never had masses of page views, but as I’ve always said having engaged readers who comment and interact is definitely more valuable to me than any stat.

To celebrate this blogging milestone the theme for the Listography is my 5 favourite posts so without further ado here’s my list. Would love to know what you think of my choices and if you’re a blogger why not join in yourself?

  1. Top of the list HAS to be what I view as my blogging peak, an idea that most likely came to me while out running (like most of my good ideas do) and is probably the post that I’m most proud of. I love that it features some awesome dad bloggers, most of whom I still chat to and have even met in person on a number of occasions. It may also be the only Christmas post ever written that features a singing Sooty. The post is of course the 12 dads of ChristmasChristmas tree decoration
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Listography: six songs of me

I do like the listography link up over on Kate Takes 5 and this time she’s even been a bit cheeky and picked a prompt with 6 answers. So here are my answers to the six songs of me questions:

1 – What was the first song you ever bought?

I’m sure there were other songs purchased before this, but the first one I really remember buying was Now 21 on double tape. Those compilations were always top of my christmas list and I used to listen to them over and over again. I can remember learning all the words to Right Said Fred – Deeply Dippy off that album.

2 – What song always gets you dancing?

Quite honestly I am not a dancer, I can throw some mean dad dancing shapes but it’s rare that I’ll voluntarily get on the dancefloor. However I if house of pain – jump around comes on then I may well be tempted. Particularly given that half the song you just have to jump up and down, even I can do that.

3 – What song takes you back to your childhood

Has to be young at heart by the Bluebells, always take me back to being 12 or 13 and signing along in my bedroom. Surely the only time you can ever do air Violin also?

4 – What is your perfect love song

The current lady of the manor and I had you do something to me by Paul Weller as our first dance so that has to be top of the list. In fact there are probably 3 or 4 of his songs that would fit the bill pretty well here like moon on his pyjamas. Such a great voice.

5. What song would you want at your funeral?

Hello by Lionel Richie, because it has to be a tear jerker doesn’t it? People WILL cry at my funeral even if I have to resort to sad songs to do it.

6. Time for the encore, one last song that makes you you

Well it has to be good old Frank, no selection is complete without him surely? This is my dance around the kitchen while cooking up a storm music, my food is definitely tastier when Frank has helped me cook it! Come fly with me would just sneak it as pick of the lot for me.

Why not join in or check out the other entries?

Listography: Top 5 things I’d like to be reincarnated as

Haven’t joined up with the listography for a while but I quite like this top 5 prompt from Kate, tells you quite a lot about someone I reckon. However not sure what my choices say about me? Here’s my top 5 things I’d like to be reincarnated as;

  1. A dog; or more specifically a springer spaniel. Have you ever watched on run about a field and then discover some water? Thesheer joy and excitement they get from the simplest things has to be amazing. Plus once you’re done with running free you just curl up and sleep. Awesome.
  2. Cheddar; think about it you get better wi
  3. th age, you just chill out with your mates all day on a nice rack AND you’re cheese!
  4. Kevin McCloud; how much fun would it be to get paid to visit people building crazy homes and ask them with a sly grin on your face “so you’ve sacked youarchitect and are project managing are you” or “you’re how much over budget now”. Shame that he has to drive a crappy Vauxhall hire car each time he visits somewhere.
  5. A fly on the wall; how many times have you said ‘I wish I could have been a fly on the wall’?Well here’s your chance, where would you go first? I’d head straight for Downing Street, love to know what really goes on in there.
  6. Me right now; cheesy maybe but I love being 30, I earn a good wage, I’m healthy, I have 2 fabulous children and a beautiful wife. Why would I want to be anyone else really? Regrets or wishing to be someone else are just a waste of time and energy.

So there you have it, if you feel like joining in then go a link up to the other entries on Kate’s blog.


Listography – Top 5 songs I grew up with

I’ve been meaning to join up with the Listography this week but hadn’t got around to getting the post written, but reading all the other entries has given me the push I needed. The idea is to choose the 5 songs that we listened to and sang along to as children. Now I don’t really remember music being a very big part of my life while at primary school, all I remember are the story tapes we listened too while driving to Scotland or Devon for holiday. They were truly fab, but no doubt drove my parents mad listening to them over and over again.

However when I went to secondary school I fell in love with music like all soon to be teenagers do. Some choices showed excellent taste and judgement, others well, not so much. So here in all their glory are my 5 songs that remind me of being a child (which is pretty much the same as songs I grew up with right?)

1 – The Bluebells – Young at heart

This song was massive when I was just beginning big school and was on the very first now album I bought on double tape with one of those back to back tape cases. Absolutely loved this song, fun to dance to and being a fast song no pressure to try and dance with a girl.

2 – 4 non blondes – what’s up

I knew every single word to this song (still do I think) and did a mean guitar impression using a tennis racket also. In my head I looked and sounded great, in reality I would have definitely got through to face the judges on the Xfactor as a freak show.

3 – N Trance – set you free

I only have to hear the rain at the start of this album to take me back to being a 13 year old again, then at university attending 90’s nights at clubs and dancing like a crazy man (notice a theme here? Dad dancing started early, I’m so cool)

4 – Fun Lovin Criminals – Scooby Snacks

Not only does it contain clips from two of the greatest films of all time in Pulp Fiction and Reservoir Dogs it also is written by one of the coolest men alive. Great album, the first CD I ever bought I think.

5 – Mr Blobby – Mr Blobby

Oh yes I was one of THOSE people, the ones that got the crazy pink dude to christmas no.1 and you know what? If it’s a choice between him and some Xfactor crap I’d do it all again. Plus Noel’s House Party was awesome Saturday night TV. In case this piece of TV gold passed you by here it is in all it’s glory

Listography – mugs

I hadn’t planned to join up with the listography this week but this topic is right up my street, or to be more exact the lady of the manors. She is obsessed with mugs and despite my protests new ones seem to appear at regular intervals. So I have just popped next door to snap my personal favourites from the cupboard, of course even though we have this massive collection of china the lady of the manor uses only 1 almost exclusively.


  1. Firstly my favourite and the one I am using right now for a nice cup of Earl Grey. This one appeared in our kitchen while we were away on holiday courtesy of my mum (see what I have to contend with?). A charity shop find no less and a fine one at that as its a John Lewis mug.
  2. This one has a lot of sentimental value, it’s from Tintagel pottery in Cornwall. Tintagel was where I proposed to the current lady of the manor you see. She can never resist stopping off at small potteries and we spotted this one on the drive home after the question was asked. We also have a matching tea pot 🙂
  3. Ok, so not technically a mug but I do enjoy a cup of espresso and this is my favourite one for those afternoons of working from home when a little kick is needed.
  4. The 4th in this little selection is my go to mug when I’ve got a caffietiere on the go. Another local pottery purchase, this time from Port Isaac a couple of years ago when on holiday with a 8 week old Bracken. Turns out holidaying with a very cute puppy means a lot of people want to say hello to you.
  5. Finally is this monster cup, the perfect one for a hot chocolate 🙂

Oh and in case you’re interested, here’s the full collection;


Listography – Top 5 Phrases That Drive Me Crazy

As a bona fide grumpy old man finding 5 phrases that annoy me is a piece of cake, in fact the challenge is picking just 5. If any of you work in an office you will no doubt be familiar with office language, words and phrases that don’t get used anywhere else. In fact if you use them outside the office people will look at you like you are mental. But I have resisted the urge to include all of them here to leave room for some other pet hates.

So here’s my top 5

  1. Give me a ballpark number; what exactly does this mean? If you are using the metaphor of a ballpark is that supposed to mean it’s close to the real number? I’m no expert but I reckon a ballpark is probably pretty big
  2. Lets take it offline; a common phrase during a meeting but just makes me imagine the people being powered down like robots and then discussing it via brain waves as they are plugged in to charge overnight
  3. Any sentence that ends in ‘yeah‘; you know how young people (told you I was an old man) talk and always end in year. WTF is that all about? Honestly we don’t need to give our agreement with every single thing you say.
  4. Where’s it to?; this is a Bristolian classic, instead of saying where is it, they say where’s it to. Drives. Me. Mental.
  5. I didn’t do nothing; so you did something then did you? Morons. Seriously, I’m not expecting the queens English but let’s try and at least speak in proper sentences that actually make sense.

That felt pretty good. If you want to see more pop over to Kate Takes 5.

Listography – Top 5 biscuits

So slightly more low brow than lasts weeks challenge, but I am nothing if not adaptable. Now I know you will all have your own opinions and clever arguments for which are the best biscuits but save your breath because quite simply you are wrong. Here’s the right answers:

  1. Digestive; simple, tasty and good dunking qualities. What more can you ask of a biscuit?  Definitely not the chocolate covered ones though, that’s just ruining a classic.
  2. Ginger nuts; an excellent choice for eating when travelling (ginger is supposed to be a natural cure for travel sickness). A tasty flavour and a nice, solid crunch when you bite into it.
  3. Malted Milk; these remind me of being a kid and visiting my nan who always had a tin of them. Very moorish and perfect with a glass of milk.
  4. Jammy Dodgers; the go to biscuit when you have visitors, the jam gives a hint of the exotic and extravagance that digestives just can’t deliver.
  5. Chocolate Bourbon’s; as a teenage I used to take my paper round money and buy a whole packet of these from the postie for about 30p. Then I’d eat the lot in the 10 mins it took to get home. However please don’t faff around biting one biscuit off, then the cream filling and finally the other biscuit though. That’s just an insult to the biscuit, bite it like a proper man.

If you still need to read other people’s thoughts on biscuits then check out the other listography posts here.

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