Matilda reading on sofaMatilda is a book worm. This pleases me. A lot. A love for books and reading before she’s even 2 can only help her when she goes to school. As soon as she’s finished her breakfast in the morning she heads for the sofa with a book in hand and ‘reads’.

But there is a problem. There are books on her shelf that she will never pick up, there are some that are firm favourites that get she never bores of reading and then there is sometimes a book that she gets obsessed with.

Ask her now at any point of the day, at home or out visiting someone what book she’d like to read and the answer is always the same.

Postman. More Postman daddy.

The Jolly bloody Postman. Except after reading it every single night for 3 weeks (not an exaggeration) it’s more like the stupid annoying far to perky for his own good Postman.

I loved this book as a kid, such a great concept with a new envelope and letter on each page, we even had the Christmas version. I thought it would be too old for Matilda still but she seems to love it. Sure some of the humour is clearly lost on her but few books will keep her sitting for as long.

The detail in the book is incredible, each letter carefully designed and thought out. The imagination of Janet and Allen Ahlberg is something to behold, thinking to write a letter from the 3 little pigs to the big bad wolf of Red Riding Hood fame threatening legal action? A postcard from Jack to the giant he stole the hen from? Amazing, simply amazing.

Jolly Postman

Then you have the artwork, the beautiful illustrations of each character and small details dotted around the page. Even after reading it so many times I’m still noticing new things.

I’m sure though that they can’t have made a penny in profit from it. It must take so much time to create each book and slot all the letters in. You can’t do all of that cheaply. But I would hazard a guess that the Ahlberg’s didn’t have money making as a top priority when writing this book.

I can see us reading this book for a long long time and not just due to Matilda’s obsession, as she gets older and understands the stories more she’ll enjoy it even more.

For now though we may well have to lose it down the back of the bookshelf for a while otherwise I may go insane.