I haven’t joined in with gallery for a few weeks due to our trip to New Zealand (have I mentioned that I went to New Zealand? No? Check it out here) and to begin with was struggling with the prompt a little. Not because I couldn’t think of any inspirational people, but because I wasn’t able to photograph them. Not so easy to get a photo of old school teachers who were passionate about their subject or Jamie Oliver who gives his own time and money to campaign for better food for our children or Dean Karnazes a man who pushes the limit of human endurance far beyond what anyone could imagine or the late Jane Tomlinson who raised £1.85m for charity by completing some incredible challenges despite being treated for cancer.

But then it occurred to me that there were inspirational people much closed to home; 4 generations of a family who came together with friends and strangers to say a big fat screw you to cancer. A group of women who all know someone who has cancer, who want to make a difference one small step at a time. It may not be the toughest challenge in the world but seeing this many women in one place all decked out in pink is a clear statement. We will beat this horrible, disgusting, vile disease and we’ll beat it together. They raised over a £1000 between them, a not insignificant sum and one repeated up and down the country.

I lost my nan to breast cancer a few years ago, my mother in law has just finished treatment for ovarian cancer, no doubt all of you know someone who has had or has cancer. Seeing the camaraderie shared by these women and their  motivation to get up on a Sunday morning to raise some money to help win the fight against cancer was inspirational. It inspired me to stop thinking and talking about doing a challenge and to get out there and actually do one. So watch this space, the cogs are whirring into action and big things are going to happen in 2012.

Race for Life ladies