Is that you wolf?We’re having to choose very carefully the books we read to Matilda at the moment, particularly at bedtime. I don’t know if it’s just an age thing as her imagination develops but she gets scared very easily. So gone are the 3 little pigs, the Gruffalo’s child (scary big mouse) and room on a broom (scary dragon and monster). In their place we have a cow in the cabbage patch  and any of the farmyard tales books.

I don’t want to avoid the scary things completely because some of the best stories have an element of being scared to them but I also of course don’t want her to have nightmares. Would love to know if any of you have been through this before and how you dealt with it. I can’t wait to start reading Roald Dahl books but have no chance if she continues to get scared like this.

Given all that it might seem a little weird that I am doing a review here for a book that features a wolf (a pretty big wolf, but more of that later), but I love this book and so does Henry so for now we’ll ignore the fact that Matilda finds it a little scary.

Is that you wolf? was a Christmas present and is just perfect for toddlers with the touchy feely bits on each page. The story follows a little pig who keeps thinking he’s spotted the wolf around the farm and can feel it’s claws or fur etc but it turns out to be just one of the farm animals. On each page you also get to feel the claws or fur like the pig does by putting your hand under the flap, but you can never see what you are feeling.

Is that you wolf inside page

This does of course mean if you are a toddler called Henry who is as delicate as an elephant that some supervision is needed to avoid the book getting trashed within 30 seconds! Apart from that it’s a great read, the suspense builds up until the last page when a great big wolf pops out from the page. Which incidentally is scary enough to have made the lady of the manor jump when she first read it.

The wolf!

Matilda as mentioned isn’t really a big fan of this book, maybe she’s going to be like her mum and hate being made to jump? Either way I think it may well stay on the shelf unless it’s just me and Henry reading stories, one to keep for those lovely 5.30am wake ups…