I shared my Christmas menu a few weeks ago here; I love cooking up a big feast and having a big long meal with family, but if I had one tip to share it would be the following.

Make your gravy in advance; it’s tough in those crazy 20 minutes when you try to pull everything together and get the food on the table while it’s still hot. You only have a small window when the meat comes out of the oven to make gravy and you can often end up succumbing to the convenience of Bisto. But let’s be honest, if you’ve spent a few hours cooking a wonderful piece of meat that was probably quite expensive do you really want that horrible salty sauce poured all over it?

The solution as suggested by Jamie Oliver is to make up the gravy in advance. A simple concept, you make a base gravy a few days before (or longer and freeze it) and then on the day you simply re-heat and add some of the cooking juices to get the flavour of the meat you have actually cooked.

I won’t reproduce the recipe, you can find it here, but well worth considering. I believe he was also responsible for the supermarkets selling out of chicken wings last Christmas! If you’re not having chicken you can always use beef bones etc to get a different flavour.

Whatever you do enjoy the day and the cooking, it’s only as stressful as you let it to be 🙂