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The Gallery – longest day

I haven’t joined in with the Gallery for an awfully long time which is quite ironic given that the theme this week is the longest day. But when I saw Tara tweet the theme I really couldn’t resist. I’m close to the peak of my training now for my attempt to run 100km on July 19th to raise money for Save the Children and Tommy’s. Which of course means lots of weekend long runs and with 2 small children at home the best time for me to do it is early in the morning.

It means I can be back by around 8.30am and still have a whole day ahead to be with them and hopefully give the lady of the manor a break. Plus when the weather is like it is at the moment getting out early is definitely a good thing. So it was on the longest day that I headed out at 5.50am onto the trails near home and I thought given that it was the summer solstice it would be fun to run down to Avebury where lots of people would have been watching the sun rise.

I don’t think I’m ever going to see so many people on one of my early runs again and there were definitely some interesting people out there. But it was a beautiful morning and also the perfect time for a running selfie. This was taken at 6.45am although you’d could easily mistake it for midday!

Avebury selfie

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The Gallery – rewind

There was a time that seems a lifetime ago now where there were no children or mortgage. Where we lived in a flat in Bristol and enjoyed the lifestyle of a newly married couple in their twenties. Where we went on weekend breaks to Devon and stayed up to the early hours drinking on the beach.

This photo was taken in 2006 when we had just begun our married life and while we knew we wanted children had no clue about the adventures that lay ahead of us. We were happy and excited, enjoying the next stage in our life together. We’re not more or less happy now but it’s a different kind of happy. It somehow feels more complete and more contented. More us.

I’m linking up to the Gallery this week for the first time in a long time. All the other entries can be found here.

Alex and Ben Croyde 2006

The Gallery – Morning

This is what mornings look like in our house, you might sense a theme. During the week I normally creep through a dark and quiet house at 5.50am to take Bracken for a run, inevitably returning home to Henry running around the house while the lady of the manor cuddles a cup of tea. Then daddy is in charge, just the boys downstairs (Bracken included of course) eating breakfast and listening to the radio.

The weekends are a bit different though, no alarm is set for me but who needs it when Henry decides 5.15am on a Saturday is the perfect time to wake up? So once again it becomes just the boys downstairs while the girls get their beauty sleep. Matilda is the complete opposite of Henry and will happily sleep past 8am if given a chance. But I don’t mind, I quite like the time with my boys and Henry is on such good form at that time of the morning that you are guaranteed to be smiling within 5 minutes no matter what mood you wake up in.

I’m linking up this week with the Gallery, you can find all the rest of this weeks entries here.

The Photo Gallery – I made that *proud face*


Joining in with the Gallery this week, a photo with one title and no words.

The Gallery – Pets

I haven’t joined in the Gallery for a while but with a prompt like Pets there was really no way I could pass this one up was there?

You already know how much Bracken is a part of our family, he was our first baby born a year before Matilda. Neither of us ever had a dog as a pet growing up but we always wanted one and within 2 months of buying our first house we had Bracken! Now I can’t imagine life without him, always there waggling his tail and welcoming you home/down the stairs/back in the room.

He’s also my running companion, I’ve run over 600 miles this year and he must have done at least 90% of those miles with me. Providing he has the opportunity to jump in some water and chase some pheasants he’s more than happy. The only time I have a chance of out running him is when it’s really hot though, the rest of the time he’s at least 5 metres in front of me trotting along.

I think I’ve used both theses photos on the blog before but I reckon they sum him up perfectly. The first is at 6am on our daily run along the Ridgeway near home with beautiful views over Wiltshire and the second is what he puts up with during the day. Always being ‘stroked’ but never even growling let alone barking at the kids.

P.S. If you want more photos of the gorgeous boy you can check out here and here.

Bracken on Barbury castle 13Mar13

Henry patting Bracken on head

The Gallery – Sun

Californian sun.

Warm, strong, constant.

Beating down on still pale skin.

Fuelling long evenings of food and beer.

Illuminating the hills, browning the grass.

But no respite or break, shade commanding a premium.

Doesn’t stop the running of course.

Crazy fool.

Los Gatos Blvd


This is my entry for this weeks Gallery, where the theme is Sun. You can find all the other entries by clicking here.

The Gallery – Two

The lady of the manor and I always knew that we wanted children and specifically more than one. While we may still be in negotiation about exactly how many children to have we do both agree that we liked the idea of them being close in age. There are 13 months between Henry and Matilda which has certainly been tough at times, not least for the lady of the manor who was heavily pregnant and dealing with a not yet walking Matilda.

But now we’re starting to see that it was worth that hard work, with Henry almost walking the 2 of them are really starting to interact and play together. They chase each other around the house or up the steps of the slide. They splash each other in the bath and laugh hysterically when the other does something funny.

I can see us having an awful lot of fun this summer once Henry figures out the walking thing properly and begins to talk a bit. Which is why I’m so thankful we moved house and I can get home to do the simple things like read a story to my 2 crazy children in the garden on a beautiful summers evening.

Ben reading to Henry and Matilda

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