Henry and Matilda in trailer

Tears at the start, thankfully not a sign of things to come!

I think it’s fair to say that I’m an active person, exercise obsessed may be a better description but that all depends on your perspective. Combine that with the fact that we are now living off one wage only the lady of the manor and I are having to be a bit more imaginative in how we spend our weekends.

Not that we used to go out all the time spending lots of money, we’ve always preferred a walk in the woods over a trip to a shopping centre, but now even trips to the park and inevitable coffee shop pit stop need to be rationed.

So with the stunning Marlborough downs quite literally on our doorstep we decided that getting out on our bikes with the babies could be a perfect activity for us. Once you have the bikes it’s essentially a free activity, throw in a picnic and you’ve easily got half a day sorted. I also love that it’s showing Matilda and Henry how exercise can and should be part of everyday life just like it was for me growing up.

Saturday was our first trip out, a fairy short 5 mile loop from home up towards the Ridgeway and back again. Far enough to be out for a little while but not so far that if the children decided they didn’t like it that we couldn’t get home quickly! We also stopped halfway for a snack and drink to break it up a bit but needn’t have worried.

Both Matilda and Henry seemed to really like it even if Matilda did spend most of the time squashing Henry into the side. Henry even fell asleep on the way back which I think tells you all you need to know.

Stopping for a snack

Snack time with a beautiful view of the Marlborough downs

Matilda loved spotting the cows and sheep as we passed the fields, I think the pace of cycling means the scenery changes quite quickly so not boring for them, but not so quick that they can’t take it in.

We even braved the trip with Matilda wearing pants and no nappy with no accidents which surely has to make it a roaring success? Now we’ve tried it out we’re already thinking of where to go next. There are a few good routes from home but would love some suggestions for places we could drive to. Anyone have¬†any good routes around the Forest of Dean or New Forest for example. Traffic free ideally of course.

Bradley Wiggins eat your heart out!

Bradley Wiggins eat your heart out!