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If you go down to the woods tonight

If you go down to the woods tonight you may find them full of lights:

Tree lit up at Westonbirt

 We’re really lucky that my work give us tickets each year to go to the Enchanted Christmas at Westonbirt. We go on the opening day which is always right at the end of November and it feels like the moment that Christmas begins.There is something quite magical about walking through a dark forest with some of the trees lit up with different colour lights.

We get all wrapped up in wellies, coats and wooly hats and set off for our adventure before rewarding ourselves with a pig roast roll (with apple sauce and crackling of course) and a big cup of hot chocolate. It’s a simple thing and the kids are definitely ready for bed towards the end but it’s the perfect way to kick off the festive season.

My very favourite bit this year was a long avenue of trees which had been lit up with orange lights and then they’d put red lights in the grass at the base of the trees. As you walked along the lights gradually lit up brighter and brighter before almost turning off completely. Just beautiful and a completely different perspective to visiting in the day time.

At the end of the trail you also get a chance to meet and feed some reindeer which is lovely and there is a small fair with stalls, food and carol singers. What more can you want?

I took an awful lot of photos but it turns out that trying to take photos in the dark with a  wriggling toddler in the Ergo on your back is not easy. My DSLR may have some anti vibration technology but no way near enough to combat that! I did manage a couple of passable shots but would love to go back with a tripod to take some more when I don’t have kids with me.

If you leave even remotely close to Westonbirt I’d recommend making a trip down, they have the display on every Friday, Saturday and Sunday night until Christmas I believe.

P.S. We also saw the Countryfile presenters there doing interviews, so look out on Sunday and you may see us!

The weekend when christmas started

DSC_0114I know, I know, I mentioned the C word and it’s still only November but you know what? It’s really started to feel Christmasy in our house. On Friday we went to Westonbirt Arboretum to the first day of their enchanted christmas, I’ve been to Westonbirt many times but it was something else being their at night with all the trees lit up.

There is a fabulous trail through the trees, then it’s back to the main base to say hello to some reindeer followed by a juicy burger and a hot drink. Can there be a better way to spend a Friday night? The event is on for the next few weekends so if you want to do something to get you in the christmas spirit I would thoroughly recommend this.

As if that wasn’t christmasy enough on Saturday evening we headed into town for the grand switch on of the christmas lights. There was gingerbread lattes, school choirs singing, fake snow, a cheesy town announcer and a random ‘celebrity’ to turn the lights on. What more can you ask for?


The one complaint I did have was the lack of traditional carols, what’s all this crap that schools sing these days? What happened to away in a manger or once in royal Davids city? I shall be asking all prospective schools for Matilda precisely what carols they sing, an important criteria I think. Also that celebrity, it was no other than Robbie Williams lead guitarist, oh yes! Nothing but the best for us and highly amusing listening to the announcer big’ing him up and watching him get a 6 steward escort to the stage. He’s hardly going to get jumped on is he?!

All in all a good start to the festive season which will get going properly on Friday when we buy our tree. Can’t wait.