This is a sponsored post and contains content that has been paid for, however I really do have such a dreadful DVD collection

We moved house 3 months ago now, everything is unpacked apart from 5 boxes. These 5 remaining boxes contain books (no book shelf yet) and a pile of CD’s and DVD’s that I’m not sure we even used once in the 3 years we lived in our previous house.

Add to that the fact that I’ve just replaced our PS3 with a Raspberry Pi to act as our media hub removing the last CD/DVD drive in the house and the chances of those boxes seeing the light of day any time soon is slim.

There is a pristine full box set of all Friends series, a Beverley Callard workout DVD (who doesn’t love a retro workout?), a Jamie Cullum Live at Blenheim Palace DVD where you can just spot me and the lady of the manor in the audience at 32 minutes and 18 seconds and the jewel in the crown Family Man the greatest rom com of all time.

Pile of CD'sWe could of course just leave them tucked away in the cupboard under the stairs until we move house again at some point in the future and realise that we still have them. Or we could have a go at selling DVD’s for cash at Music Magpie.

A quick scan of the barcode with their app and you can find out how much your DVD’s are worth. Pretty simple really. Print off the postage label and watch as the cash comes in. The same applies to CD’s and even clothes.

Which is useful as I have an impressive collection of CD’s from my teenage years that I can’t remember the last time I played. Plus I’m sure the lady of the manor’s wardrobe is looking a bit full and could do with thinning out a little….

Perhaps I can raise enough to buy a Sonos music system to stream from my Raspberry Pi?