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Espresso machine

I am a coffee addict, nothing unusual in that what with being a parent to small children and all. Most weekends when at home it means that our cafetière is in almost constant use brewing another cup of the black fuel. We do have an espresso machine (a proper one, none of this capsule nonsense) but to be honest most of the time I can’t be bothered with it. I like my coffee strong and black but want a long drink and not a shot of espresso so a cafetière fits the bill perfectly.

However the downside of this habit is a rather healthy supply of coffee grounds. My mum insists you should never throw them down the sink as it may block the drain, she instead tips them down the toilet. I find this all a bit weird if I’m honest and stick with playing drain roulette.

However this week my number was up, instead of water nicely trickling down the plug hole it sat in an ever growing pool. You could almost hear it laughing at me, what an idiot it was saying. Now of course Dyno can fix blocked drains, but I’m a man, I have to give it a go myself first right?

So I wielded a vast array of kitchen utensils, pushing handles down the plug hole trying to shift what was down there. With no plunger in my toolbox I even tried using my hand as a makeshift plunger bu (surprisingly) no success.

I then Googled drain unblocking ideas. Apparently mixing baking powder and vinegar together then tipping the mixture down the sink can work. Not in my case, although my sink did now smell of some sort of weird pickled cake. Potentially better than the gone off egg smell most blockages seem to smell of.

In the end I resigned myself to using the drain cleaning services from Dyno. I’m still not going to tip my coffee grounds down the toilet though.