A country in lockdown, no one allowed out
Yet people still having barbeques and a kick about
The government says only go out if you’re a key worker
But the builders just won’t listen, “screw this I’m no shirker”
Mother nature gets angry and says, “enough is enough”
I’m taking back control, watch out it’s about to get rough
It starts one morning, creeping across the fields at dawn
Covering villages and towns, before any curtains are drawn
The cleansing fog spreads from coast to coast, filling every nook and cranny
It engulfs every living thing from the youngest baby to the oldest granny
Some complain that it tickles, others that it chafes
But wherever there is fog the virus is no longer safe
Then one day it’s gone, blue sky is visible once more
The country wakes and wonders is it finally safe to go out the front door?
Yes! Lockdown is cancelled, the fog has done its job
Time to get back to normal, but don’t go back to being a nob.