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From fork to fork

There has been one too many articles about how to cut corners with your Christmas dinner and take short cuts so you can spend more time watching your children play with their toys and I’ve had enough. There is one very simple solution here dear reader so that you can spend more time with your children on Christmas day. Are you ready?

Veg box


On the one day of the year when you don’t have to be anywhere, where nothing is open even if you did want to be somewhere why rush things? Why not on this one day take the time to involve your children in what you’re doing when you aren’t trying to fit it around your working day and other commitments?

Use it as an opportunity to teach your children some cooking skills, show them how food is prepared and what you do to get the meals on the table every day of the year. Get them peeling carrots or stirring the bread sauce, heck if they’re old enough they could carve the meat for you. Make it a family event and not only will you teach them something you’ll also get to spend time with them.

Matilda checking the meat boxI love showing Matilda and Henry where food comes from, they help me dig potatoes from the garden and then take them into the house to cook and eat them. When we visit it the chickens down the road we talk about where their eggs come from and what a roast chicken is.

Get them excited and interested by food and I think you have a much better chance that they will develop a good diet. It gives you a very relaxed and easy way to get them to try new things, if they see you preparing food let them taste it as you go along so in small amounts they experience new flavours without it being on a plate in front of them.

I know not everyone finds cooking a big Christmas dinner easy, but the pressure is really in getting it on the table. Start your prep work in the morning hours before you start cooking even and then you have time to let them help you. It may also  be the one day of the year you can offer them a mince pie or chocolate to eat in the morning as a treat while they help you.

So why not make this Christmas the one where you show your children how food travels from fork to fork?

Kitchen helpers

You already know that baking sourdough is at least a weekly occurrence in this house and normally I start the process once the kids are in bed. But yesterday I was working from home so had time before they went to bed to make the dough.

The second I started gathering the ingredients and a bowl a little voice piped up “what you doing daddy?”. Then moments later a chair was pushed up against the worktop and a little child appeared for a closer look. Of course as soon as Matilda was up there Henry also wanted to be and who am I to say no? I love getting them involved with food already and letting them see how their meals are created. Plus of course making bread is a lot like playing with Play-Doh which they do oh so well.

So I give you my new commis chef’s, not a bad kneading technique for a first attempt 🙂

P.S. Not the greatest photos, took them on my phone and the kids were constantly moving!

Matilda and Henry kneading bread

Matilda and Henry kneading