Henry standing at chairI’ve always be open about the fact that I find it hard bonding with babies when they are really little. Those first few months when they just eat, sleep and cry I personally find tough. There isn’t that same bond that a mum experiences having grown and then given birth to the child. Plus of course you don’t really get a reaction from your baby, they can’t yet smile at you or hold their arms up to be picked up. Your best hope is a slight grin caused by wind.

That’s fine though, there was never any doubt of loving them, just that the real bond and relationship would be a slow burn. If you see me and Matilda now you’d never know about any of those worries or concerns though.

We’re definitely thick as thieves, the lady of the manor is already warning us no to gang up on her. It was the almost month off that I took when Henry was born that did it. The lady of the manor focused her time on Henry which left the 2 of us with a lot of time together and adventures walking the dog.

Henry cruisingBut Henry is slightly different for one quite specific reason, he’s breast fed 100% and has been since birth. With Matilda I had time most evenings to have a cuddle and give her a bottle, a precious 20 minutes or so to slowly build that bond and remind her everyday who daddy is. Important when you’re a commuting parent who see’s their children for 30 minutes every day.

I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve done that with Henry. Don’t misunderstand me, I’m not complaining or saying we should have introduced formula. The lady of the manor LOVES breastfeeding Henry and I fully support her. There is something quite amazing about the whole thing and how now age 10 months he does pretty much the whole thing himself. But it does change things for me.

Not only do I not get those opportunities to start bonding but Henry is most definitely a mummies boy and if he’s tired or sick he wants her and there is no argument. This also of course also makes it hard for the lady of┬áthe manor to get a break from it all.

Henry in high chair with feet up

However in the last few weeks it’s started to change ever so slowly, Henry is now crawling around the house and pulling himself up on every available object and this bit of independence seems to have given me an opportunity.

Now we roll around on the floor playing, he crawls up to me when I sit down and clambers all over me, he smiles and laughs when I get home from work each day. Of course having moved house I now eat breakfast with both little monsters every day and get an hour in the evening before bath time.

It’s fab

My little smiley, cuddly, strong boy is starting to feel like my son.

Now when can I introduce a rugby ball?

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