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Matilda is at the age now when she is starting to make real bonds with her friends, she recognises when we walk past their houses and says ‘knock, knock’ to get us to go and say hello. One her best friends is a little girl from our NCT group who is just a week younger than her. The two of them truly are thick as thieves and whenever together run around screaching and shouting at each other. They also go to the same childminder so one day a week the poor woman has both of them for a whole day, no wonder she looks knackered when I go and collect Matilda!

I’m writing all this in the knowledge that in a month or so we will be moving and they will see less of each other. We’ll only be 40 minutes away but it does mean a reduction in the time they spend together. Knowing this breaks my heart a little, that we’re responsible for her potentially losing her best friend. Of course she’ll make new ones but these first friendships could be the start of something that lasts a lifetime.

For now though we will just make the most of the times they can see each other and watch as they have fun (N.B the matching suits was completely unintentional, we both independently found a bargain at Muddy Puddles!)

Matilda walking at park