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This blogger needs you!

MAD Blog Awards I am truly honoured and massively chuffed to have made it as a finalist in the MAD blog awards best baby blog category. You honestly have no idea how happy this makes me and have been smiling like a Cheshire cat since I found out.

I’m also immensely proud as a dad to be recognised in this category, to show that what dads have to say about being a parent to a new baby is also important and interesting to the parent blogging community.

There are many dads just like me who want to be a real part of bringing up their children and a quick scan of the parenting blogs will show you that many of us are also blogging about the experiences.

But now I need to ask for your help, the winner of the category is decided by voting. So if you like the cut of my gist and fancy making one very happy daddy I’d love you to click on the badge just up there and vote for me.

Voting closes on 26th March.

I would also like to take the opportunity to give a mention to some of the other great dads who blog and are just as deserving of being a finalist in this category. Do take some time to have a read.

A plea

Look to the right of the screen, up a little higher, yep that’s it up there *points like a crazy man at his laptop screen* you’ll see a picture that looks like this:

Dad Shortlist

Yes that’s right I’ve been nominated for a proper, real life, bona fide award where more than my mum have nominated me. I have been short listed in the best dad blogger category and now I need your help. The award ceremony will be during Britmums Live in June which I shall be attending. It would truly make my day if I could attend as one of the finalists.

There are of course some  many other great dad blogs out there but here’s my pitch; first is of course the writing. In the past year I have given the dads view on having a newborn and what it did to MY body, discussed starting Christmas traditions , made you jealous with drool worthy recipes and shown my dedication to you the reader by enduring a trip to New Zealand with a 5 month old.

Now I hope that based purely on my writing you’ll feel compelled to vote for me, but if that’s not enough then think of it as the perfect present for me as I become a dad for the second time in May. I mean what more could a father wish for?

Oh and for all you beautiful mummy bloggers reading this. Don’t you want some fit, young eye candy at the awards ceremony? If so you know what you need to do….

That’s it, that’s my plea, here ends the begging. To vote for me all you have to do is click on the badge on the top right (you know the one we looked at right at the start of this post?). You don’t need to be a blogger to do it so no excuses mum and dad, just click through and fill out the form, easy peasy.

P.S If that isn’t enough to persuade you I can and will beg, in fact my begging face would look much like this: