The lady of the manor and I have always liked a challenge; in 2005 in the space of 2 months I graduated from university, started a new job, moved house and we got married. In 2009 we bought a house in a town that we visited for the first time when we viewed the house. In 2010 we started renovating said house with zero DIY experience or skills and bought our first dog. In 2011 Matilda was born and the day before she was born we ripped out the bathroom. Not forgetting of course going to New Zealand this year for 3 weeks, in a camper van, with a baby. So with all that completed we were getting itchy feet and needed something new to keep us busy.

I’m therefore pleased to announce that on May 26th (or thereabouts) I will become a dad for a second time. Yes that’s right just 14 months after Matilda was born we’re doing it all again. We had our 12 week scan today and I’m therefore pleasedĀ  to introduce you to Baby Sprout for the first time.

DSC_0109We always planned to have a larger family (although how large is still subject to approval by the management team) so there is no point hanging around is there? This was a little sooner than we had planned though, but turns out you only have to do it once. Who knew? Thankfully we did consider the next child when buying things for Matilda, we have a pushchair that will take 2 babies for example. Plus if it’s a boy he’ll just have to like wearing pink.

So my lovely blog readers, here’s to an exciting year ahead of us, to the chaos that will reign, to the laughs and the tears that will no doubt come and most importantly to family. Who could ask for more?