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Me and mine February

Me and mine February


We’ve been doing an awful lot of this recently, the first sign that spring is springing and we’re in the garden with our wellies and waterproofs on. In fact Matilda will often trot up to us and say in her cutest teenager voice “shall we get some fresh air”. ┬áIt may not be warm yet but having some daylight in the mornings and evenings again plus those beautiful blue skies gives you a little boost doesn’t it?

Sure that little house is a bit tatty and needs some railings to stop the crazy little things slipping off the edge (gramps will be fixing that very soon) but we love it. So funny watching them go inside and pretend they live there and then say boo at the window. Love that the previous owners left this behind and I think it will be much used over this summer!

This month I’ve been mainly marathon training (of course) which while fun has been a lot of hard work in this ridiculously windy weather. But I’m loving the challenge and loving the feeling of getting fit and strong (if you want to read more about running you can check out my running blog). I’ve also been transitioning; to a new job and a new desk. Same company different view and a big challenge ahead.

The lady of the manor has spent most of February trying to get 2 toddlers to eat properly and more than just bread, butter and cheese. She’s also been looking at schools (scary grown up stuff) while I’m really not quite ready to accept that Matilda will be going to school next year!

Henry has been teething for what feels like the whole month. Which has changed him from the cheeky, smily laid back boy into one grumpy little ball of painful gums. He’s also learning to talk an awful lot more and in particular to say “I’ll be back in a minute”.

Matilda appears to have finally figured out that she does still need a nap and that lying down on the sofa for an hours sleep is just as good as going to bed. Although not sure if a grumpy just woken up Matilda is better or worse than a grumpy hasn’t had any sleep one.

dear beautiful


Me and mine January

The lady of the manor and I have decided to join in with me and mine this year, which if you haven’t come across it is a fairly simple concept. At the end of each month we’ll take a family photo to track the changes that we go through and I have to say I’m quite excited at the idea of having all those photos to look back on at the end of the year.

However what hadn’t quite sunk in was the practicalities of getting 2 wriggly toddlers to sit still long enough to take a photo of them that isn’t a blur of movement. But I think we managed to get a decent shot and for the first one we’ve gone with a simple formal pose of the 4 of us. Alas Bracken didn’t make it into this one as he was in the utility room drying off after a play in the garden, maybe next month.

This month we’ve been decorating the children’s bedrooms, at last the disgusting grey stripy wallpaper and patchy violet walls are gone. Replaced by a nice calming cream colour and soon a couple of awesome wall stickers and bookshelves.

I’ve begun full on marathon training and now have all manner of hill and speed sessions during my week along with a long run every Sunday. Hard work but really enjoying the challenge and discipline it brings.

Henry’s speech is really coming along and he seems to be adding new words to his vocabulary every day, the highlight being cot which alas sounds more like cock.

Matilda this month has decided her favourite phrases are ‘what should we do?’ which means ‘let’s watch Postman Pat’ and ‘Would you like some chocolate?’ which means ‘I’d like some chocolate’. She is of course also the bag lady.

The lady of the manor has put down her straighteners and embraced her curls which seems to have confused a few people but personally I love it.

Me and mine January

dear beautiful


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