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Me and Mine – May 2022

The Lady of the Manor and I were watching old videos of the kids last night, reminiscing while wearing some strong rose tinted glasses about when they were small and went to bed before 7pm and watched nice programs in CBeebies rather than Minecraft on YouTube. One of the great things about being a dad blogger during those early years is having so much documented to look back on, yet for one reason or another I have got out of the habit of writing. Ideas still come to me when out running or watching the kids just like they always have, but writing is fairly low down the ever growing to do list.

A list that has had ‘phone plasterer’ on it for 4 week and ‘finish insulation’ even longer, hard to fit those in around work, school runs, dad’s taxi for swimming lessons and triathlon club and dog walking. Somewhere in there I also need to prioritise time for my exercise, self care as the media like to call it, but important nonetheless. Just like our spaniels I am much happier when exercised and fed.

But this felt a like a good time to pause and put fingers to keyboard for the first time in a good while (2 years actually and only 4 posts in the past 5 years!). Funnily enough I’m typing this while sat in the van while the boys do cycling and running with the triathlon club, a moment of peace and much better than aimlessly scrolling Instagram.

We had a lovely weekend just gone celebrating Henry’s birthday (2 children now in double figures is a little scary) with bowling on Friday night with 6 of his friends and then a day out at the Smallholders show at the Royal Welsh Showground.

We’ve been to the summer show before but found it a bit big and noisy for us but had heard that the smallholders show would be more chilled and it was perfect. Plenty happening still in the show rings, a good amount of animals on display and a nice mix of stalls spread around the ground. We avoided most of the more commercial shopping areas but loved the medieval village and lumberjack competitions. We ate brownie AND ice cream, the kids went on a helter skelter and we chose our favourite land rover (Rupert wants one with bench sits in the boot).

We also went out with both dogs for the first time, neither of which we had at the time of my last blog post. Bracken, our first baby, unfortunately died last year at the grand age of 11 and is still missed. Although the stealing of shoes not so much. We had a lockdown puppy in 2020, a black and white Springer Spaniel called Badger who is now 2 and a few weeks ago we also took on his sister from the same litter who didn’t work out as a gun dog. She’s liver and white and called Ida and is the cuddliest little spaniel you’ll ever meet.

We don’t take the dogs on days out very often as it generally adds an extra complication to the day which can make it hard work along with the 3 kids, plus Spaniels don’t really want to walk about on a lead. But Saturday was lovely, the dogs enjoyed a different kind of day and the show is of course dog friendly as you would expect. It certainly tired them out walking around and being stimulated by all the smells and sounds all day.

It’s been a busy spring; in the past month Matilda has turned 11 and I’ve reached the grand age of 40 which I celebrated with dinner with the kids and friends at an awesome burger restaurant (Hills in Brecon) followed by a long weekend sat by a lake fishing with my older brother and some mates. Perfect for me, I really have no interest in a big party.

We also had our first holiday in a few years and our first trip to Cornwall since we moved to Wales. A glorious week staying near Liskeard and getting back to some of our favourite places including the wonderful Eden Project. Henry’s best buddy from where we used to live in Wiltshire happened to be in Cornwall also so we met up with them for a day on the beach near Newquay for some surfing. It was so nice to just be away from the house for a week and interesting being on holiday now the kids are a little older. Felt strange (in a good way) letting them go off on their own a little and not having to watch them all the time. We enjoyed one heavenly morning where the kids got up and made themselves breakfast then headed for the games room while we sat in bed with coffee and toast.

Smallholding wise we have lambs in the fields again after a very easy, if a little extended, lambing in March who are growing rapidly. The veg patch is a little neglected (even lower on the to do list than blog writing!) but the trees and hedgerows are looking vibrantly green and alive and we have tarlings, blackbirds, jenny wrens and sparrows nesting in our barns.

We’re also very excited to have visitors this week all the way from Australia who we haven’t seen in a long time, plus Matilda and the Lady of the Manor are currently in London so that Matilda can sing in a choir at the Royal Albert hall.  Maybe next month will be quieter and I’ll make some progress on that to do list?

P.S. If you fancy a trip down memory lane also have a look at our last Me and Mine post from 2015 here!

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  1. A great read. Congrats on finding time to get behind the keyboard. I’m terrible at my blog. My last post was 2019 and going back to reading it, it was one of your posts (after you’d had a break) that triggered me to write again. So I might just do the same again!!

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