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Listography – 5 favourite posts

Back in the day when I was a ‘proper’ blogger actually writing regularly and joining in with the community one of my favourite blogging activities was taking part in the Listography. A simple premise; each week there was a theme or topic and we had to write our own list for that topic. Well the wonderful Kate Takes 5 has been reviving this meme and in particular this week to celebrate her 6th anniversary as a blogger. Clearly there was something in the air 6 years ago as I started my own blog a week before Kate (my first ever post is here if you’re interested) and I know that a couple of my other favourites (like Hello it’s Gemma) also started around the same time, late 2010 was a good vintage! Although I’m nowhere near Kate’s milestone from a stats perspective, for whatever reason I’ve never had masses of page views, but as I’ve always said having engaged readers who comment and interact is definitely more valuable to me than any stat.

To celebrate this blogging milestone the theme for the Listography is my 5 favourite posts so without further ado here’s my list. Would love to know what you think of my choices and if you’re a blogger why not join in yourself?

  1. Top of the list HAS to be what I view as my blogging peak, an idea that most likely came to me while out running (like most of my good ideas do) and is probably the post that I’m most proud of. I love that it features some awesome dad bloggers, most of whom I still chat to and have even met in person on a number of occasions. It may also be the only Christmas post ever written that features a singing Sooty. The post is of course the 12 dads of ChristmasChristmas tree decoration
  2.  I’m going to give 2nd place on my list to the most popular post on my blog which is a review of the Ergo Stowaway baby carrier I like that of all the reviews I’ve done it’s a baby carrying one that is top.  We still use our Ergo carriers all the time, even for Matilda and Henry, so comfortable to use and well made. Henry on hip in Ergo
  3. Grief and preschoolers – it may be slightly odd including such a sad post on my list of favourites, but part of the reason I started blogging was to give a dad’s perspective on life and being open and talking about the tough times is something I think is really important. We hope as parents that we never have to talk to our children about death but by sharing my experience hopefully it can help someone else going through the same thing. Nanna and Henry
  4. Mustachioed – I had to include a post from the Gallery, another awesome weekly link up that I used to join up with and there was only 1 post I could choose. I think my interpretation of Laura’s theme is inspired! DSC_0068
  5. My relationship with boobs – My final choice is a serious one, a topic that affects all dads and I hope in some way by speaking out I can help other dads also come to terms with this change after their children are born.Henry screwing up face


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  1. You’re right – it was an excellent vintage! Great and varied selection of posts there – thanks so much for joining in and for your very kind words. Here’s to the next 6 years!

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