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Four go glamping

Like the best Enid Blyton novels I decided to take advantage of the lady manor working nights all last weekend and go on a little adventure with the children. We loaded up the car on Friday afternoon and headed for Wales and the Wye valley for 3 nights of glamping. e love being outdoors and normally I’d have taken them camping if it wasn’t for the minor issue that I can’t put our tent up on my own. Plus the thought of trying to work out the logistics of taking 3 children across a campsite to toilets didn’t really appeal. Glamping seemed the logical conclusion with the added bonus of having a double bed for me to sleep in.

wye glamping bell tent

Camp for the weekend

I think with any adventure you have to not think too much about the reality of what it’ll be like otherwise you’d never go on them. But I’ll be honest as we got close to leaving the thought of managing 3 kids on my own for 3 days plus sleeping in a tent was making me just a little nervous. However just like the stars of Enid Blyton’s books I think the best childhoods feature lots of adventures, particularly ones outdoors and whatever happened it was going to be a lot better than sitting around at home.

The choice of glamping location was relatively easy as while I discovered via Google that there are a lot of glamping sites out there, there appears to be equally lots of people interested in going glamping, so finding one available was the first criteria. Thankfully Wye Glamping ticked all the boxes; not too far away, beautiful location, proper showers on site and a reasonable price. What we didn’t know when booking was that there would also be a couple of other families in the other tents on site with children the same age as mine. Perfect!

Rupert in corner of field

Inside the bell tent

Despite my fears and some inevitable tiredness and shouting we had a truly wonderful time.¬†We had decent weather which could have done with being a few degrees warmer but was at least dry for the most part. Rupert had a bit of a wobble on the first night shaking his head at the tent and asking to go back to the car, but we had a cuddle as he fell asleep and after that he was fine. In fact of the 3 I think he’s actually the most at home being outdoors all the time like that and the trailer to get to and from the car park was just the best thing ever.

For the 2nd night I planned for us to toast marshmallows over the fire, one of those big moments as a parent where you experience something magical with your children. I’d built it up with the kids, got them excited¬†about how awesome this was going to be. The fire was roaring, we chose our sticks making sure to pick ones with the optimum length and thickness for toasting a marshmallow with and got ready to toast them. I showed them what to do with the first one making suitable mmm and yum noises. Matilda looked at me “daddy I don’t like the brown bits”, Henry then decided he only wanted his ‘warm’ and not toasted. So what they ate was marshmallows straight out of the packet and poked on a stick, but only one marshmallow each because they were a little sweet. Always the way isn’t it? When you try to force these moments they never turn out how you want.


Exploring Hay on Wye clutching crisp packets

Exploring Hay on Wye clutching crisp packets

Rupert in camping trailer

The most stressful point in the whole stay was trying to have a shower with 3 kids in the bathroom with me, all in various states of being dressed after their own showers and Rupert alternating between turning the taps on in the sink and trying to open the door to the bathroom. Which meant I either had a shower changing temperature of the threat of the other guests seeing me frantically trying to wash the shower gel off my body.

However the final evening of our stay was the moment I will always remember, when I realised that the tiredness and stress was all worth it. There was only one other tent occupied by that point and the family had a daughter who we discovered was just a day older than Matilda. So the 2 of them and Henry played together while I gave Rupert a cuddle and he fell asleep. Something I rarely get to do as he’s such a mummies boy and was so nice to have some time to just watch him fall asleep. Can’t remember the last time I did that. Then I got to lie in the hammock with Henry and read him some stories as he lay on my chest and Matilda carried on playing. Then finally me and my big girl curled up under her blanket and chatted about the weekend and what we’d done. I never expected to get quality time like that with each one of them individually and was fabulous. Moments of bonding and reconnecting away from the busyness of everyday life and unplugged from the internet.

Rupert and Matilda at picnic table

If you’re looking for somewhere to get away too I thoroughly recommend this site, if you wondering what to do with your children one weekend don’t forget that simple adventures like this can great memories that last a lifetime and finally have a search for glamping near you there are some truly spectacular places out there.


  1. Couldn’t agree more with everything. Adventures like this can be daunting for parents – and I only have one to worry about!! Our recent camping pod trip was a huge success despite the awful weather on our second day. It is what you make it.
    Your shower escapades really made me laugh!! Well done you, sounds like they’ve all loved it!
    Ps. That tent looks incredible!!

  2. Seems like you guys had a really good time!
    The photos are awesome!

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