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Nest learning thermostat review

Every new product released that is electric seems to also need to be smart and connected to the internet, but while I’m not entirely convinced why that applies to my washing machine or fridge having used the Nest learning thermostat for just over a month now I can see why it is called a smart device.

This small, round, shiny thermostat sits quietly in the corner of our kitchen without really being noticed but all the while it’s learning our routine so that it can most effectively control the heating for our house. Now of course we haven’t had our heating on at all in that period, in fact I’m writing this with the patio doors wide open while listening to the pigeons gently coo outside, so we’ve yet to see the full impact of that learning but I’m impressed nonetheless and here’s why:

    1. The design – simple interface where the outside twists to move around the menu and you push the screen to select items. Simple, intuitive, easy.
    2. Quick installation – sure you are most likely going to need an electrician to do this for you, but it took all of 30 minutes from the moment he arrived and should simply be a case of replacing the existing program box you have for your boiler.
    3. Hot water boost – you can program in a schedule for your hot water with as many on/off’s a day as you want and even a different schedule each day. But you can also get a one time boost with a couple of clicks of the thermostat and can choose how long to run the boost for.

  1. Use an app to control it – there is a free app you can download to your phone to control the thermostat. Which means if you are heading home after a long day you can quickly turn the heating and hot water on from your phone so that you get home to a warm house and a hot bath.
  2. Auto schedule – the thermostat has a movement sensor in it which combined with observing when you turn the temperature up and down can learn your routines and warm up and cool down the house to match. ┬áIn addition you can manually add a schedule if you desire.
  3. Energy history – once a month you’ll be emailed an energy report that looks at your heating usage so see how the learning features have helped you and give you advice on how to save energy.
  4. Heat up time – the thermostat will learn how long your house takes to heat up meaning that you tell it what temperature you want the house and when and it’ll start up at the right time to match

nest learning thermostat

I’m now secretly looking forward to the colder months to test out how effective some of these features are, but the quality and design of the product would suggest the answer is likely to be very! You can find out more information about the Nest learning thermostat and the other Nest products on their website here.

Disclaimer – Nest sent and installed the thermostat for free in return for my honest opinion of it in use.


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