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Review – Better Extreme trampoline park Swindon

What do Tigger’s like to do the most? Bouncing! What do kids like to do the most? Bouncing! What do big kids like to do the most? Bouncing! And that’s exactly what we did 2 weeks ago at a special pre launch event at the Better Extreme trampoline park Swindon. I’ve been watching them build the trampoline park over the last couple of months when I go swimming next door so when the invite appeared in my inbox to test it out I leapt at the chance (excuse the pun). I was also pretty sure my crazy little monsters would thoroughly enjoy bouncing around given how much time they spend jumping on and off beds at home.

If you’ve never come across the concept of a trampoline park before let me give you a quick overview. A trampoline park is essentially a large room where most of the floor (and some of the walls) is covered with trampolines of various sizes and shapes with thin sections of mats between them. The park in Swindon has a few different zones to it; there is a large area of smallish trampolines which are great for bouncing between, it then has 2 baskeball ‘courts’ where you can practise your slam dunks using trampolines to help you, there is a dodgeball area surrounded by nets, a raised section with a couple of trampolines that bouncy really high and finally a balance beam and slack line above a foam pit to practise your balancing.

Running at Better trampoline park swindon

What I think works really well is that there are activities for kids of all ages; mine are definitely towards the low end of the target audience but they had so much fun. Rupert enjoyed just bouncing on the spot while holding our hands, Henry spent most of the time throwing himself around (no change there) and didn’t quite get the idea of trying to bounce up and down, while Matilda loved trying to bounce between trampolines with a little help. They also had an awful lot of fun jumping into the foam pit. Being the big kid I am I obviously showed off some dad skills to bounce across trampolines and then off the wall, I also spent quite a bit of time trying to take more than a couple of steps on the slack line while failing dramatically. Here’s a little video to wow you all with my skills.

I can see the dodgeball area being great fun if you go with a group of friends or work colleagues, the added challenge of bouncing on a trampoline while throwing and dodging would be quite interesting. But judging by the smiles on everyone’s faces I think most people would have a lot of fun visiting the Better Extreme trampoline park Swindon. I’d be interested to see what it’s like on a busy day but for our session at least there was loads of room and also lots of staff on hand to make sure everyone was bouncing in a safe way.

If you’re interested in visiting the park you can find more details on the Better website, the park is now open daily and well worth a visit for both the big and little kids in your lives.

Disclaimer – Better invited us down for a free preview of the trampoline park but as ever all words and opinions here are my own.

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