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Why I’m running the Quadzilla

My mother in law passed away almost a year ago having fought ovarian cancer for 4 years and this challenge is for her. By coincidence I started running regularly just under 4 years ago in an effort to lose some weight and get fit after having serious back problems from sitting in an office all day. I can remember her concern every time she came to visit me that ‘I was getting too thin’ and that I needed to be careful, she never did quite understand why I ran but that didn’t stop her coming along to races and cheering me on. It is for her that I’m taking on this challenge, the Quadzilla, 4 marathons on 4 consecutive days. In the space of 4 days I’m going to double the amount of marathons I’ve done and find out what it’s like to run a marathon with the DOMS from 3 marathons. I’m also hoping to try and raise some money for 2 great causes.

Maureen was an amazing woman, mother, daughter, wife and nanna whose passing has left a very big hole in the lives of her family and friends. In the last few weeks and months when things got tough the support her and Nick received from her Macmillan nurse made such a difference. Care that the NHS simply can’t provide but that helps people in the darkest times navigate their way through and help them make decisions. That’s why I’ve chosen to support Macmillan with this challenge and hopefully raise some money in Maureen’s memory to help other people in the same situation.


The second charity I’m supporting is Save the Children, a cause that I’ve supported for a number of years now and who do essential work helping children around the world. As a parent in the Western world living a comfortable life I realise how lucky I am not to have to worry about education or health or war, but there are many children in the UK and elsewhere who are not so lucky. Save the Children provide support in emergencies such as the refugee crisis in Europe currently to ensure children have food and shelter. They also do longer term work trying to ensure all children have access to a good education, in the UK they run a campaign called Born to Read that aims to give all children the opportunity to access books and learn to read something which as you know I’m very passionate about.

If you can spare any donation no matter how small I would be very grateful and it will make getting up for 4 days in a row to run a marathon just a little bit easier. The link to my fundraising page is below:


  1. Amazing challenge and great causes. good luck Ben!

  2. I’m privileged to count you as a friend Ben, you are amazing. My FIL is very poorly, the MacMillan nurse has been a godsend, backing you all the way, dusting my pompoms off for the occasion. Run like the wind Bullseye!

  3. Wow Ben what a challenge. And what an inspiration you are for so many. Amazing causes too. All the best wishes to you!!

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