Big news people, I am officially not fashionable when it comes to facial hair, something I didn’t realise was possible but it seems that I can add that to the list of areas I’m not fashionable in. According to a survey conducted by Braun 52% of British men now sport some kind of facial hair and 7% of British men claim having facial hair has made them more successful at work. Not entirely sure about that 2nd stat, unless of course all those men are extras in movies about Roman gladiators. The most popular beard is the full beard if you’re interested, clearly a better choice than a Lewis Hamilton chin curtain (even the name sounds ridiculous) or a soul patch whatever that is.

However not having a beard isn’t necessarily a choice for me, you see I am quite incapable of growing one properly. The combination of fair hair and not very thick growth mean that instead of a stylish thick beard I end up with something that from a distance looks like my face is just dirty. That didn’t stop me sporting a beard on my wedding day though, oh no, aged 23 I thought I looked awesome but looking back I realise I really didn’t.

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Which is why I am generally clean shaven these days, not to mention the fact that Henry hates me having ‘prickles’ and refuses to cuddle me when I have stubble. I do quite enjoy going 4 or 5 days without shaving over a long weekend or if we go camping and have that bit of growth but it soon starts to get itchy and annoy me so I have to get rid of it.

I’ve tried out a couple of Braun shavers in the past which you can find here and here, but I’ve been lucky to have had their very latest model the Braun Series 9 (released on 1st July) to use for the past couple of weeks and I’m extremely impressed. The look of it isn’t dramatically different to other models because how different can a shaver really be? But it doesn’t have some cool features like the digital display showing how much battery is left and the button that locks the head in place for when you are trying to cut fiddly bits.

The Braun Series 9 comes with SyncroSonic™ technology which the cynic in me thinks is just nice marketing talk but whether it’s that or the 4 cutting blades this shaver gives a seriously good shave. As close as any wet shave I’ve ever had but with zero irritation, cuts or soreness and best of all you can of course use it in the shower. Which I know sounds incredibly lazy but most of the time I’m shaving in the morning after my 6am run so I love being able to stand in the hot shower a bit longer and have my shave there rather than in front of the sink.Braun Series 9

My one note of caution here is that I’ve found with the other shavers I’ve tested that after a few months of use the cut isn’t quite as good and takes a little more effort to ensure you don’t miss any. I wonder if this in part because I do use it in the shower and we have very hard water here so that could be detrimental to the blades. The Series 9 comes with some oil which it’s recommended that you use every so often if you use the shaver in the shower, so I’m going to try and be fastidious with doing that and see how I get on.

But that doesn’t stop me giving a top rating to the Braun Series 9, it cuts beautifully and you can really see the benefit of having 4 cutting elements. I love that it tells me how much battery is left, such a simple thing but means you have good warning and don’t get stuck mid shave waiting for it to recharge.

You can find more information about the Braun Series 9 and details on where to buy by visiting the Braun website here.

Disclosure – I was clearly sent this item for review, all words and opinions here are my own.