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Garden grass circles

It seems that most family tourist attractions these days have some sort of maze to get lost in, mazes that range from small box hedged ones right the way up to the ultimate farm adventure – the maize maze. We had great fun running around them with Matilda and Henry while on holiday recently and it got me thinking about trying to create something similar in my own garden. Now while I do have a decent sized garden it’s really not big enough to house a full blown maze so I’ve gone for a slight interpretation on the theme.

I give you the garden grass circle!

Garden grass cicles

Matilda running around grass circle

You really don’t need a big piece of grass to do it on but you will need a little patience for the uncut grass to grow and make the circles more distinct. But we’ve had great fun playing in it, having races from the outside in and then back again. I think it really appeals to children (and the child in me) to be running as fast as you can in an ever smaller circle.

Ours took a couple of weeks to have a nice contrast in length and then when you’re done with it you simply mow it flat again. Such an easy and free thing to do and all you need is a patch of grass to do it on. I might try doing a square instead next time and see how that looks.

What do you do in your garden to create some fun and interaction for your children?


  1. Where’s the credit to your mum for the idea !!!?

  2. What a great idea, especially to keep the kids active. Seeing things like these makes me miss having a grassy garden!

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