This months photo I think exemplifies the challenge of getting a family photo; I’ve just got in from work and didn’t even get time to take my jacket off, Henry isn’t very well and has a high temperature, Rupert is tired and grouchy, Matilda needed bribing with chocolate to take part and the lady of the manor is exhausted from a day with 3 children. But actually that’s why I love it, it captures the real us and not some orchestrated scene. So ladies and gentlemen I give you March;

In the garden March 2015

How would I describe March? Hard. Plain and simple.¬†A tough month, short on sleep and high on emotions. On March 16th we said goodbye to the lady of the manor’s mum, a beautiful day with standing room for the service but clearly one that everyone would have preferred not to have happened. Since then we’ve been muddling along, reality slowly setting in but still feeling like it’s a very bad dream. With each passing milestone it becomes little more real; the first visit of pops with no nanna, the first easter, the first of the children’s birthdays in April.

I know first hand the unique bond between a child and a mother, I see that between the lady of the manor and  Matilda and Henry already. I know they love me but I will never be mummy will I? That extra connection having spent 9 months growing inside their mum changes things. So when you lose your mum your world becomes out of kilter and may not ever recover.

But there was some sunshine in an otherwise dark month, Matilda and Henry have been thoroughly enjoying being able to be outside again. They often ask to go back in the garden after dinner for one last push in the swing even if we do need big jackets to keep out the cold wind. Two weekends ago we had a glorious day in the garden, the first of the year that felt warm and we spent probably 8 hours outside. I mowed the lawn, the children made mud pies in the veg patch, we even ate lunch outside.Spring is trying to spring isn’t it?

Rupert has gone through a huge development leap in the last couple of weeks, all of a sudden he’s reaching for things, rolling over, showing signs of moving on the floor and almost sitting. It never ceases to be fascinating watching a child develop like that does it? Even the 3rd time around those moments are magical. Now if he could just bloody sleep a bit more we’d all be happier. He sleeps a maximum of 3 hours at a time at night and wakes at least once if not twice in the evening. Having small children can get very intense at times and it would be nice to know that the evenings are ours most of the time, we might even be able to get out to the cinema once in a while.

I’ve pushed out my triathlon from June to August because training has had to take a back seat for the past month or so. August should hopefully give me enough time to get fit and ready for it and I’m actually quite enjoying my swim sessions now. The lady of the manor has also started running again and has even done a couple of 5k’s pushing a pushchair. We’ve also just purchased a double running pushchair so that we might be able to get out for a run as a whole family sometimes which should be quite hilarious.

March was tough but there is at least a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel during April, in a week we have our first holiday since June last year, a hopefully sunny week in Cornwall (not that we’ve booked anywhere yet). Then we get told which school Matilda has got into (scary stuff) followed by both her and my birthdays.

Do you have any exciting plans for April?