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The life of a daffodil

Today we say goodbye to the lady of the manor’s mum, the children’s beloved Nanna, who was taken from us far too soon. Mum, Nanna, wife, sister, daughter and friend. When people die you often hear about the impact they had on the world, the things they invented or the lives they saved. Nanna may not have received a Nobel prize but the fact that we are expecting 200 people to the funeral tells you all you need to know about the impact she had on the people around her.

She touched the lives of so many people, she brought happiness and laughter, she was the most thoughtful person I know, always remembering anniversary’s or special milestones. Every time we saw her she’d have a little gift of some sort, something she’d spotted and bought ‘just because’. She was always willing to help someone in need and opened her house on many occasions for friends to stay, when I first met the Lady of the Manor they had 2 of their friends children staying with them while the parents found somewhere new to live.

I also know how much having grandchildren meant to her, her cancer was diagnosed just before Matilda was born and seeing them often gave her the boost she needed to get through another round of treatment. But I hate that they won’t have the chance to feel her love as they grow up, that she won’t be there to see them become adults and go on to achieve whatever it is they’ll do. We’ll do everything we can to make sure they know she loved them and thankfully due to the wonder of the smart phone have hundreds of photos and videos to show them as they grow up but would happily trade those to see her again.

No one expects to lose their mum at such a young age, no mum expects their daughter to pass away before them. But cancer is a bastard and it has left a big hole in our lives. One that is going to take a long time to heal and we will miss her every day. One that makes us want to rant and rave at the unfairness of it, to scream at the doctors for not being able to fix it and one that we wish we could protect our tiny children from having to deal with.

It is perhaps fitting that she passed away in spring time as Daffodils were her very favourite flowers and in our garden this week the first Daffodils have started to bloom. Just like a Daffodil hidden from sight in the earth during the winter we know she is there, with us all the time. The memories of her will light up our days just like the bright, yellow trumpets of the Daffodils do every spring.

Rest in peace Nanna, we’ll miss you.

Maureen in pink


  1. Chris and Mike Volante

    March 16, 2015 at 4:57 pm

    Thank you for the lovely words. Although we are thousands of miles away, we think of Maureen and Nick all the time. They came into our lives many years ago in Australia and have never been far from our thoughts. They have been and always will be our very best friends.

    Our hearts go out to all the family.

    Chris and Mike

  2. Beautifully written. I’m sorry for your loss. I can’t imagine what you all must be going through. It is, as you say, not something any of us expect to happen so soon.

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