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Mini adventures – kite flying

Kite flying is up there with jam jar fishing when it comes to nostalgic childhood activities. I have a vivid memory flying a stunt kite with my brother when I was about 12 on a big patch of grass next to Rutland Water. We spent a fabulous hour dive bombing every person that passed within range and laughing our heads off as they ducked when the kite whooshed past their heads. How we didn’t end up causing a serious injury I’ll never know but we just feigned innocence each time someone complained and told them we’d lost control.

Now my trip out with Matilda and Henry to fly the kite they got for Christmas wasn’t quite as eventful but it was most definitely awesome. It was one of those parenting moments where you cross everything that your children enjoy it as much as you hope they will. Which rarely is the case in my experience because they can be stubborn, independent things sometimes but for once it went just as I imagined.

Henry and Matilda kite flying

We live in quite a rural area as you may have guessed from some of my photos and are very lucky that 20 metres from our front door is the perfect piece of grass to fly a kite on. We also live on the side of a hill 600ft above sea level so are rarely short of a breeze and on the day we headed out there was a good wind blowing combined with glorious blue skies. Perfect.

We have a simple kite with 1 string and lovely long tail to flap in the breeze, ideal for 2 small children who just want the thing to fly and stay up there without much effort to steer it. Which also means not too much running back and forth for me to relaunch it, although that could be a good way for me to get my training in and still play with the kids!

Matilda holding the kite

We had such fun launching the kite into the air and watching it twist and turn, the kids loved the idea of flying something high up into the sky. Despite it being quite chilly we happily spent an hour out there taking it in turns (I had to have a go of course) and trying not to get it stuck in a tree.

Matilda is now requesting her own kite which has to be in the shape of a butterfly apparently. I’m thinking we buy one of those massive kites they use for kite surfing and see if we can launch ourselves into the air. Either way kite flying is going to be a regular activity for us I think and we’ll definitely be taking a kite on our next trip to the seaside too.

Matilda kite flying

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  1. These images look amazing! How is tiny Matilda not getting blown into the next field? I’m definitely kicking the boys off minecraft this weekend to take me kite flying too.

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