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Me and Mine February



February was a tough month, one of the toughest we’ve had as parents and March has started even harder which is why this post and my blog have been untouched for a week. On Monday last week the lady of the manors mum and the kids much loved Nanna passed away, something we knew was coming but had hoped it wouldn’t be quite so soon. Having to explain to 2 small children that they won’t see their Nanna again broke my heart, I’m not sure it’s really sunk in for them so no doubt we have many more questions coming. But I hate that they have to deal with something like this at such a young age and that Rupert won’t get to know his Nanna.

The children also spent two thirds of February sick with one bug or another, Henry went through 2 different lots of antibiotics and then we ended up with him in A&E one Friday night as he screamed the house down with stomach pain. We thought his appendix had gone but it turned out the virus he was fighting off had caused the glands in his stomach to swell up. Apparently very common in small children but a scary few hours as I fought to get him seen quickly and by an actual doctor.

All this meant that we didn’t really do a whole lot else last month other than just keep getting up each day. Rupert however being completely oblivious to everything going on decided that it was time to start eating some solid foods and hasn’t looked back since. He wolfs down 2 meals of the finest purees every day and seems to be a very contented little boy as a result, albeit one who still doesn’t sleep for more than 2 hours at a time.

With Mothers Day looming and the funeral in a week March is going to be a fairly bleak month with lots of cuddles needed to see us through.

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  1. Heather aroundtuit

    March 12, 2015 at 6:18 am

    Oh no I’m so so sorry to read this. How awful for you all. Sending lots and lots of love x

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