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Me and Mine – December

On 31st December I wrote the title of this post and saved it as a draft, now 10 days┬álater I’m actually writing the content. Add in the fact that I failed to write a November Me and Mine post at all and that perhaps is all you need to know about what the last month has been like. Life as a family of 5 has been intense and quite draining at times and probably involved too much shouting on my part. I’m a patient person but the very particular requirements of a 2 year old and a 3 year old when you are sleep deprived is enough to test anyone “I want the blue plate and metal spoon with the stripes” “no I want a chicken mat and the coaster with the berries on” “I don’t want that top because I don’t want the people at preschool to see it”.

But despite all that we had a lovely Christmas with 2 very excited little children who really ‘got’ it this year. We had a magical Christmas eve to start things off watching Father Christmas (the ISS) fly over. Then quite a relaxed few days afterwards with a different batch of presents each day for the children to open and some quality time with the grandparents. Alas I worked every day but the bank holidays, the downside of being in Finance and needing to close the books for the year, but on Monday we’re off to Bluestone for a week which should be awesome.

Me and mine December

In December I mainly worked and rocked a baby to sleep, that actually feels like all I did for the whole month. Work was crazy busy and very full on before heading home to do what I could to rescue the lady of the manor from 2 crazy children. I didn’t blog much but I did do quite a bit of reflection, I started the year with an attempt to refocus my blog on the things I love; the children, books and the outdoors. I think I succeeded with the outdoors and the children but books has been a bit lacking. I really enjoyed trying to capture some of the mini adventures we have (like geocaching) but I struggled a little to share some of the awesome books we’ve been reading together. Those 3 priorities still feel right for me and will definitely continue in 2015, I might also throw in a little food and recipes for good measure.

The lady of the manor has spent December feeding a rapidly growing little boy (more of that later), she also created some very tasty gifts for people for Christmas. Let’s just say that the left over mini Christmas cakes didn’t last long. She’s also just begun the long road to running again by getting out for long walks when the big ones are at preschool, need to be patient in returning to exercise but she’s itching to be able to lace up those running shoes again.

Henry has grown up in December, not least because he started potty training just before Christmas. Amazing how much older they look when they no longer wear nappies isn’t it? He went back to preschool this week and they couldn’t believe how much more chattier and confident he was and he’s picked up the whole using the toilet thing very easily. This increased confident does also mean an increased amount of climbing, the other day he shouted that he was ‘up high’ and I found stood on top of 2 toy boxes that he’d piled up.

Rupert has been, well, growing. Honestly there must be something magic in the lady of the manor’s milk because aged 11 weeks he was a mighty 16lb 13oz’s which means he’s now bigger than our neighbours 6 month old. Thankfully he’s also chilling out a bit now and will actually let us put him down so we can eat meals without a baby in a sling. He’s also already attempting to roll over and sit up, that boy is definitely going to be trouble in the future.

Finally Matilda has been obsessing about 2 things; Frozen and Christmas. Happily the 2 things combined for Christmas preschool play that Henry and her starred in. She got to wear her Elsa dress and sing a Frozen song in the play, what more can a little girl want? Amazing to see the difference to last year when she refused to do anything but sit there during the play and then ran over in tears to us at the end. This year she was so happy and confident, no longer a little girl which is why we’ve also just submitted her primary school application. SCARY STUFF!

This post may have been a little late but it’s been quite a fab year and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed writing these posts so that we now have 10 family photos to remember the year by (I missed June also). Love that Henry is only smiling in one of them, also look how much longer Matilda’s hair is now (just like Elsa’s).

Thanks for reading and Happy New Year.

Me and mine January

Me and mine February

Me and mine March

Family photo at Avebury

Me and mine may

Me and Mine July

Me and Mine August

Marlborough selfie

Cotswold water park sculpture

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  1. How lovely to see you all. I wish a wonderful year for you as a family. All love mum

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