I sent the lady of the manor to the shiny new Morrison’s near us last week to buy some clothes for the kids who seem to be growing at least a centimetre every day. We conveniently had a voucher from Morrisons to spend as the latest part of my role as a Nutmeg ambassador which was just as well as I think Matilda’s tummy was starting to get cold from being exposed in her too short t-shirts. Not that she ever tucks her tshirt in though or wears a jumper unless there is frost on the ground, I think she must have an in built radiator as apparently she is always hot.

There was the lady of the manor happily picking up clothes in a rare moment of peace with no children to watch when the helpful assistant mentioned that their sale was starting the next day. So she of course promptly ditched what she’d picked up and came back the next day instead. She did come back with a sausage roll, some crisps and a bar of chocolate though which apparently were ‘essentials’.

Nutmeg prices are already great value but if you need some clothes for you children can I recommend you get down their quickly because at sale prices their clothes are incredible value. We spent just under £30 and we got everything below; more than a complete outfit for each child. I really like the style of the Nutmeg clothing, it’s simple and quite understated and washes really well which is an essential for children of this age.

Nutmeg checked shirt

Nutmeg January bargains

Nutmeg stripy baby hoody