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Me and Mine September

The observant among you will notice that this weeks post features 2 children not 3; baby boy has still yet to make an appearance despite the lady of the manor being adamant that he was going to be early. We’re now less than 2 weeks from due date so this should definitely be the last me and mine with only 4 people in the photo. September feels like it’s been a busy month but sitting down to write this I can’t exactly remember what we did that made us so busy.

This months photo was taken just last night after we’d been for a very rare dinner out with the children to Pizza Express in Marlborough. It’s the lady of the manor’s birthday today you see and the week’s schedule meant that last night was the best night to go out for dinner. We had such a lovely time eating and chatting with Matilda and Henry and then a lovely walk down Marlborough High street to look in the shop windows and enjoy this balmy late September weather. It’s also I think the first selfie that I’ve included in the me and mine posts this year, although technically I guess a lot of them are selfies just with a remote for the DSLR rather than holding a phone!

Marlborough selfie

This month I have been mainly building things and catching up on odd jobs before the baby comes; I built a pergola (finally) to go over the bench seat we put in the garden a few months ago. It’s lovely having a seat half way down the garden to sit on and has become one of Matilda’s favourite spots, I think she likes having the ‘roof’ over head. We plan to grow a rose up and over it next year which should hopefully make it even nicer to sit under. The second thing I’ve been building is a log and bin store to go behind our garage, with the log burner installed we now need somewhere to store and season the logs of course. I’m really quite enjoying building things like this, they may not be perfect but it’s great doing something practical. I have of course also been running and training for York marathon in 10 days (assuming baby boy doesn’t arrive before then).

Finished pergola

Matilda has seemingly spent September growing up by at least 2 years; she’s now going to preschool 3 days a week and it’s amazing the change in her as she gets more grown up and learns so many new things. She’s absolutely loving being there now and the ladies that run it are full of praise for how well she behaves and how she now looks after the ‘little ones’. I don’t want to boast but I’m claiming that as top parenting skills! She’s also started gymnastics this month and now spends 45 minutes every Saturday morning learning to balance, jump and roll around which is right up her street and a nice way to channel all that energy she has.

Henry has been enjoying some time with his mummy this month on the day Matilda is at preschool and he isn’t, I think he quite likes the peace and quiet and home and not having to put up with being told what to do by his sister all the time. He’s also spent much of the month scooting around on his balance bike and will happily spend most of the day going around the garden and doing races. Despite being 13 months younger than Matilda he’s as good as if not better on the bike than she is.

balance bike

The lady of the manor has spent September putting up with an awful lot of pain from the baby boy in her tummy; she had a growth scan last week as they were worried he was getting too big and found out that he was lying transverse. Certainly explains why her bump had been hurting so much! She’s also been organising everything we need to have the beautiful home birth that we’re hoping for, although not entirely sure the kids needed new clothes and beds for that…

Next month I will hopefully bring you a very exciting first family photo of us as a party of five. Which will be pretty darn cool. I think that might well be enough to keep us busy for the next few months!

dear beautiful


  1. Oh this reminds me so much of us in July, there’s something very special about the last photo as a family of four and all the anticipation of becoming a family of five 🙂

  2. Can’t wait to see your photo next month! How exciting. I love the selfie photo, it’s great. #meandmine

    • It was one of those evenings when the light was just perfect, another reason why having a smartphone is so great isn’t it? We’d never have these memories otherwise.

  3. Great photo. Must be a bit surreal to think that your next photo will have a new family member in it! Exciting too!

  4. Very impressed with the pergola! Good work! And a lovely family photo… I will look forward to seeing next months!

  5. That’s such a great selfie! I can never manage to get the littles to be still long enough to get a good one 🙂 And I LOVE that pergola – you’re really getting into this DIY stuff eh? Hope the LOTM is feeling better – it’s no fun when baby lies uncomfortably like that. Can’t wait to see your update when baby finally arrives x

  6. Ahhhh, I’m so excited to see your first photo as a five next month. And it kind of makes this months the end of an era really, not long left as a four now. Our biggest went off to preschool too this month, and has taken to it like a duck to water…. definitely great parenting skills that make that happen, so high five us! Hope that little baby boy doesn’t keep you all waiting too much longer. x

  7. Fantastic – I do adore the pergola. Best wishes for the next few weeks.

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