A day late with my me and mine August post but my planned writing time this weekend got taken up with pizza cooking and running which I’ll be honest are likely to come higher up the priority list almost every time. But here we are with another month gone, it’s the first of September and you can feel autumn coming. I love this time of year, the heat of the summer is gone and the prospect of autumnal walks, hearty roasts and stews and a roaring fire is just around the corner.

We’d planned to take another photo yesterday while out watching my brother do his first half Iron distance triathlon but in all the excitement forgot. So I’m reverting back to a photo taken earlier in the month at my sisters wedding. Not the greatest photo ever, it was so hard in the dull light of a conference room with no windows to take anything crisp and clear (I think I may have reached the end of my photography skills) but I still like it. Matilda is of course doing her fake smile face, but I can live with that as without the bribe of chocolate she wouldn’t even be looking at the camera.

Me and Mine August

August was a month of new experiences for us as a family; first time on a plane for the kids, first wedding as a family and first camping trip. Not bad really and while stressful at times was also a whole lot of fun.

Finished pizzaThis month amazingly I haven’t been doing a running race, but I have been running of course, I’m half way through the build up to the Yorkshire marathon in October. One last running focus for the year and one I’m quite excited about having set a big PB time goal. Although there is a risk that baby boy arrives early and scuppers my plans as his due date is 4 days after the marathon (the marathon was booked before the lady of the manor got pregnant I’d like to point out).

August also saw the wedding of my sister over in Ireland so involved the first trip on a plane for the monsters (ignoring the fact that Matilda flew to New Zealand aged 6 months) which was a whole lot of fun. I’ve also been perfecting my pizza recipe and cooking, which has resulted in quite honestly the most amazing pizza’s outside of Italy. Thin, crispy and full of flavour. Incidentally I wrote a post on how to build your own oven if you’re interested you can find it here.

The lady of the manor has spent August trying not to remain patient with 2 little children who have decided they most definitely don’t want to sit still at meal times but do like to argue whenever possible. She’s been enjoying afternoon naps with Matilda on the sofa while watching Frozen and doing an awesome job of growing a baby. ¬†She also had a job interview, it may sound odd given she’s 34 weeks pregnant but it was for a NHS job that hardly ever becomes vacant so she decided to apply. She made it to the final 3 but alas didn’t get it, but hopefully a foot in the door for when she wants to return to work. The lady of the manor has also decided on a name for baby no.3, which apparently I have no choice in.

Matilda in bridemaid dressMatilda has spent most of August growing it would seem as many of her clothes no longer fit. She has also been constantly hungry during the day to go with it, not that this makes her eat any faster of course. She’s also been a bridesmaid for the first time and LOVED wearing a pretty dress all day and could be seen twirling it at any opportunity. I did however have to sneak taking photos as she’s decided she definitely doesn’t want her photo taken any more and just hides her head if I point a camera at her.

Finally in August we learnt that Matilda is a daredevil and loves climbing, she’s climbing 2 (small) climbing walls at playgrounds plus up the cargo net on the side of a large playground without any fear or trouble. Looks like I may have a climbing buddy at the climbing wall next time I go!

Henry as a page boyHenry has been mainly angry in August, everything is ‘my do it’ and if you try to help or tell him no you can guarantee a tantrum. I guess we’ve hit the terrible two’s? Tantrums never last long with him though and within a couple of minutes he’s back to his normal cuddly self like it never happened.

August has also seen Henry’s obsession with tractors go to another level with harvest season in full swing. We have a farm next to our house and Henry spends hours sat at the top of his slide looking over the fence and watching the tractors come and go. We have of course also been to watch the combine harvester in the fields near us, one of my favourite things and love being able to explain to Henry how the harvest works and for him to see his books come to life.

Finally Henry did a great impression of a well behaved page boy at the wedding and even kept his outfit on all day which I was amazed about.

September in theory is going to be a quieter month as we get ready for the arrival of baby no. 3, but we’ll see, if he comes early then it could be the craziest month of them all!

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