It would seem that I am fast becoming the authoritative voice on male grooming in the parent blogging community. First there was the Braun series 3 shaver, then there was the premium toiletries from RockFace and now the latest in electric shavers from Braun. Let’s be honest it’s no surprise that these brands are looking to me to test these things out, I have that rugged but classy look going on that all the top models do these days. Now I’m just waiting for a spa to offer me the chance to try out some treatments for men, I know my poor battered running feet would appreciate that.

Braun CoolTecI’ve never really been an electric shaver kind of guy, but using the Braun Series 3 shaver got my interest, it didn’t quite cut as well as a wet shave but it did mean I could shave in the shower. I’ll be honest more and more I’ve been using the Braun rather than my trusty razor; I run most mornings and being able to stand in the shower a bit longer with the excuse of shaving is most welcome. So I was intrigued when Braun offered to send me their latest shaver, the CoolTec (in sexy white), which of course they claim is ‘new and improved’.

Specifically ‘new and improved’ refers to the CoolTec technology which as the name suggests is designed to cool your face as you shave. One of the downsides of not having a wet shave is you have no shave gel to lubricate your skin as you shave and so your skin can get irritated. I have found this with the Series 3, especially when not shaving in the shower, so was interested to see if it really made a difference.

Braun CoolTec bladesI’ve used this shaver for a week now and I have to say I’m impressed, the CoolTec takes the form of a bar between the 2 cutting elements and it really does make your skin feel cold. It does a really good job of cooling your skin and reducing any irritation as you shave. You can turn it off if you want using a button on the side, I’ve tried this a few times when shaving to compare the difference and every time I turn it back on again, it just feels better with it on.

The acid test of course is whether I would give up my shave gel and disposable razor to use the Braun CoolTec permanently? Almost, I think 90% of the time I’ll use the Braun but sometimes only a wet shave will do, I don’t think an electric shave cuts quite as close and smooth. It’s pretty close but not quite, which is fine most days, it’s also better than a razor when I’ve not shaved for 3-4 days (over a weekend for example) and cuts that long stubble really well.

Also one final tip I discovered, I now use the RockFace face scrub most mornings and have found using this before using the shaver gives a better cut. I think it’s because the scrub leaves a bit of the minerals in it on your face and helps create a bit of friction for the shaver. Certainly seems to cut better than if my face is just wet.