I think it may have finally sunk in that we are having a baby in less than 8 weeks (or thereabouts), which I know sounds a little silly because I of course do know we’re having a baby but it doesn’t feel that real when you’re not the one carrying him around in your tummy. This little breakthrough for me came at the weekend, I was snuggled on the sofa with Matilda and Henry watching the videos on my phone. It’s one of their very favourite activities and also probably one of the few times they both actually sit still.

Matilda picked a video from last year just after we moved into this house, it was from a day when the lady of the manor was working and I was at home with the 2 of them. The video showed a crawling, babbling Henry and a small barely 2 year old Matilda running around like a crazy thing. Then it dawned on me; I’m really excited about having a little baby in the house again.

Matilda just born

I’ve always told myself that the baby stage didn’t excite me that much and that it was when I could start having a proper interaction that I really started bonding with them properly. But looking back at those videos has reminded me how much fun it was to have a little wriggling baby. To have those days where you watch them ever so slowly figuring out how to roll over by swinging their legs and then getting that pesky arm out of the way.

I’ll be honest though I’m not so excited about weaning a baby (although Bracken is excited about the food that will be coming his way) and sleepless nights obviously aren’t something I’m in a rush to experience again. But this is most likely the last time we do go through all the firsts again which I didn’t think I’d get sentimental or emotional about but actually I think that’s starting to hit home a little.

It’s amazing how quickly you forget all those things which actually happened only a couple of years ago but feel like a different life time. Life with children is crazy and hectic and often about getting through the day, it’s hard to stop and remember the little things. That’s actually one of the great things about being a blogger and of course one of the reasons I started this blog, you have a ready made reminder of your child’s development. Although I’m not sure I believe my two were every this small.

Matilda and Henry lying down

Now I think I’m going to have a little lie down as I come to terms with all this very mature emotional stuff. After that is the small matter of planning a home birth, but more of that later.