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Nutmeg autumn/winter collection

I’m quite excited to share that I’m going to be working with the fine people from Nutmeg over the next year to bring you some regular updates about their clothing range with a few competitions thrown in for good measure.Nutmeg in case you didn’t know is the clothing range from Morrisons which is for adults as well as children. Today I’m kicking off with a few items from their autumn/winter collection modelled by the 2 cutest preschoolers around (even if I do say so myself).


Like many parents we are of course no strangers to shopping in the supermarkets but Morrisions wasn’t one of them until recently simply because we didn’t have one near us. But having spent the past couple of weeks dressing the children in their outfits and of course washing them multiple times (our record is a change of clothes before 8am) I have to say I’m impressed. Not only do they look great they’ve also so far worn really well and most importantly the kids love them!

Henry’s clothes are age 2-3 and he’s a relatively tall 2.5 year old, the shirt fits perfectly but the jeans definitely have some growing room in them and needed turning up. The jeans are a lovely soft material and have an elasticated waist that you can adjust to size. The hoody is just lovely and it’s actually been difficult to prise it off him he likes it so much!

Matilda fell in love with her dress as expected, she put it on over her clothes as soon as I unpacked it. The jumper she’s not so sure on as she finds it a bit itchy so we’ll put it over a long sleeve top once it gets a bit colder. Her clothes are aged 3-4 and the trousers are perfect in length, but big on the waist as all clothes are because she’s such a skinny thing.

Matilda received; blue jeggings, black and red dress, white and blue striped wool jumper, black leggings

Henry received; blue jeans, brown check shirt, grey button up hoody

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  1. I love Nutmeg clothing. Their clothes wash so well and I love how colourful and fun they are. Plus, they make my grocery shop so much more fun 🙂

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