Every so often I get asked to write a guest post for another site and quite honestly I often say no because I struggle to find the time to write here and on my running blog. But one place I never say no to is the Scottish Book Trust. The importance of books in a child’s life is a huge passion of mine and I love having the opportunity to share some of my thoughts on the topic. Plus they are doing great work in trying to give children the opportunity to read and discover the pleasure of books.

Matilda and Henry reading

Last week they very kindly published a post I’d written about my top tips on how to make stories part of family life which if you’re interested you can read it here. Making reading books and telling stories part of everyday life can have such a big impact on a child’s development and change it from being a chore or just a bed time activity. After I’d written it I thought I’d ask my followers on Twitter what their top tips were to see if anyone had a great idea that I hadn’t thought of. After all Twitter really is the no.1 source of parenting advice and you can guarantee there will be someone willing to offer their thoughts to any question you have.

What I hadn’t quite expected was such a fast and passionate response, it seems I’m not the only one who loves books! So I thought I’d share some of those responses here as a bonus extra post to go with my post of the Scottish Book Trust site. These are also some very fine people so if you aren’t following them on Twitter already then you really should. Here’s their thoughts on how to make stories part of family life:

  • @tiddlyompompom – regular bedtime stories. Quiet time reading instead of tv. Making up stories together.
  • @Eliza_Do_Lots – my boys always have access to books, we have bookcases and shelves in every room, and read with them and to them daily
  • @yummymummy1210 – visits to the library, browsing books in shops/supermarkets, setting an example reading yourself, bedtime stories…
  • @GemmaRidlington – the toddler has 3 bedtime stories every single night! And we read during the day too.
  • @littlebigsports – bed time stories every evening
  • @theenglishdad – sometimes get my 3yo to ‘read’ the story just by making it up herself from the pictures. Encourages her to go thro the book
  • @Kellyfairy – stories every bedtime. Book tokens as presents so they can choose their own to keep. Take them to the library. Oops that’s 3

That was just a few of the responses I received, I’m sure there are many other suggestions also but I think we all agree it’s about make books accessible at all times so your child can independently go and pick one plus having that routine of regular bed time stories. If you do have any other suggestions of things you do to help make stories part of your family life do leave a comment below.