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Mission accomplished

This is me having just crossed the finished line after running (and walking) 100km. The race was last Saturday but it’s taken me this long to really digest what happened and also start to recover. It was a long and very tough day that took me on the full roller coaster of emotions that you expect from any endurance event.

Finish line

The lows though were very low, low enough that I almost bailed on the race at 35 miles. I reached a point where I was hot and fatigued and the sheer enormity of the challenge ahead of me suddenly became too much. I sat in a pit stop and seriously considered stopping. My older brother was there armed with a cool bag full of beautifully cold water and towels. So I took some time to cool down and think about why I was doing the race, quite honestly if I hadn’t been running for charity I think I would have stopped. But knowing how many of you had sponsored me and supported my causes that just didn’t seem like an option so I got up and slowly but surely made some progress to the next pit stop.

What certainly helped was knowing that the further I went the closer to home I was, not to mention that the final 15 miles are on the trails I run every week and know so well. Mentally this was a huge help as there were no surprises, I knew how many hills were left and where the downhills were. The not knowing how tough it still would be I think would have been hard.

The rest as they say is history, after 13 hours and 40 minutes of being on the move I finally crossed the finish line having seen a wide variety of weather and scenery. There was blazing hot sun and humidity, thunder and lightning, torrential rain and hail and even a rainbow. The rain when it did come was heavenly, I almost stopped and just held out my arms to soak it in. It immediately cooled me off and got rid of all the sweat and salt covering my skin. There are few times I’ve been less bothered about being truly soaked to the skin.


Now that a few days have passed I can look back with a sense of pride, a year ago I’d never run more than a half marathon and now I’ve run 100km in a single day. The motto of the company that organised the race is ‘more is in you’ and I couldn’t agree more. It is amazing what we can do when we take on a challenge and we should never be scared to try.

Thank you to all of you who sponsored me, tweeted me or supported me. As I said right at the beginning of this challenge the 2 charities I chose to support are very important to me personally and I’m proud to have managed to raise a little over £700 for them. There are some truly awful stories in the news at the moment and while I can’t help everyone I hope that this small sacrifice does some good to help those in need.

If you haven’t sponsored me yet and want to there is of course still time, you can find my fundraising page here. All donations will be equally split between Tommy’s and Save the Children.

thanks you,

The Fool


  1. Sarah MumofThree World

    July 25, 2014 at 9:03 am

    Very well done to you! Amazing to think you went from half marathon to 60 miles in just a year – love that motto. Well done for raising so much for the charities and I hope you get a bit more sponsor money in yet.

    • I actually think running a fast marathon is tougher, in such a long distance it’s just about keeping moving not really pushing hard to achieve a time. Still was a long long day though

  2. Mahoosive congratulations Ben on an amazing achievement! You are rightly proud – you’ve done something only a handful of people would have the guts to attempt and the fortitude to complete. And more importantly you’ve done it to help others. Fantastic!

  3. Wow, I seem to have missed this. That’s some achievement especially in the time you made the progression. shows what can be done if you put your mind to it. Good on you for keeping going, and great job on the fundraising.

    • thanks Emma, it all started when I was rejected in the London Marathon ballot again. I just thought sod it and signed up for the next one I could find 🙂

  4. Well done again Ben – that last photo is awesomeness itself as are you x

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