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A toddlers view of pregnancy

This is the first pregnancy where we have children old enough to understand what is happening, or at least understanding as much as a 2 year old and a 3 year can. Matilda was so young when Henry was born that she probably can’t really remember what life was like as an only child, But it does worry me a little how they’ll adjust when they can’t get mummy’s attention so much and how they’ll cope with just me doing bath time most nights. After all a toddlers view of pregnancy is very different to ours.

So we’re spending some time talking to them about it, that the baby will be a boy (very important for Matilda who is desperate for a sister) and getting them to bond him as much as possible. Every night they now give the bump a kiss and say goodnight which is far too cute, but quite a simple step to getting them used to there being someone else to share mummy with. Henry however also takes the opportunity to say goodnight to the lady of the manors breasts as well, he gives them a kiss and says “night night boobies”. Clearly 18 months of breastfeeding developed a strong bond with them, not sure what he’ll think when his little brother starts feeding there instead.

Silence just means they are thinking of more questions

Silence just means they are thinking of more questions

Note also I say share mummy here, it’s abundantly clear who they miss the most. If the lady of the manor goes out there are tears and many promises that she’ll be back soon. If I go out I get a cheery ‘see you later daddy’ and a hug from Matilda. Not that I’m bitter of anything.

When it comes to baby names the conversation has been a little more interesting:

Me: So Henry what do you think we should call the new baby?

Henry: (without a second thought) MR TUMBLE

Me: Okaaay, do you like any other names?

Henry: NO!, Mr Tumble

Me: What about you Matilda? What should we call you new little brother?

Matilda: I think we should call him Thomas or James.

Me: You mean like the tank engines?

Matilda: Yes or we could call it Iris

So there you have it, people name their kids after all sorts of famous people right? So why not Mr Tumble? If anyone has any better suggestions for boys names then do let me know as we’re struggling. For some reason we’ve always found choosing girls names much easier, or at least choosing ones that we agree on rather than wielding the veto.

I’m also imagining there are going to be a lot more interesting conversations to come when the baby actually arrives like “how did the baby get out of mummy’s tummy? Why is its tummy button sticking out? and why is his poo black?”. The answers to these questions are of course; magic like Mr Tumble does, because he hasn’t eaten all his breakfast and too many blueberries.

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  1. LOVE this post – I agree with you that it’s important to involve the siblings as much as possible in the preparation for baby. We did a similar thing with Curly Girl before little man came along. I also recommend ‘there’s a house inside my mummy’ ( if you haven’t already got it. And by the way, I think Mr Tumble is the perfect name 😉

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