Friday is here, the weekend is in sight and it’s time for the 5th entry in this series about storytelling dads to celebrate Fathers story week.

Today I have a guest post from Tom Briggs to share with you, Tom is a dad blogging legend who apparently won a blog award before parent blogging had even been invented. Tom blogs at Diary of the Dad and is also a member of the love all dads podcast. Here’s his answers to the now familiar questions to give a little insight into the reading he does with his children.

If you missed the first 4 posts in this series you can find them here.

1. What’s the best thing about reading to your children?

It’s a great way of spending time with them and, as my two sons, Dylan and Xander, are hurtling towards a stage where they don’t want to be hugged as much, is a good way of tricking them into cuddling up. Plus I can legitimately say I’ve finished reading hundreds of books as a result – I didn’t read much until they were on the scene!

2. Where do you read to your children?

For the most part, I read to them at bedtime. We sit together on one of their beds and they choose three stories. That’s the theory anyway… it normally gets to five or six before they allow me to turn the light out!

3. All dads like doing voices when reading, what’s your party piece when it comes to impressions?

I give every character a different regional accent, but it’s tricky to pick a favourite – Geordie, Welsh and proper old Sussex are up there though. In terms of impressions, I don’t really do many of actual people, but we recently read Eric Carle’s “Slowly, slowly, slowly,” said the sloth and I gave him the voice Ralph Brown uses in Wayne’s World 2. Albeit minus the reference to obtaining 1,000 brown M&Ms to put in a brandy glass…

Tom reading4. Favourite book from your childhood?

There were so many books I loved as a kid. One of my favourites, though, was Dogger. It’s a shame the word has new connotations now as it’s a story I very much related to as I temporarily lost my favourite toy – a cuddly dog – at least twice. I remember being so upset and the book really captured the sense of loss children have when their special toys go missing and, happily, the joy of being reunited with them.

5. What’s your children(s) favourite book now?

They both love all the Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler books, but their favourites change from one week to the next. At the moment though, Dylan’s favourite is Superworm and Xander’s into Room on the Broom.

6. Last book you read them?

It was That Rabbit Belongs to Emily Brown which we got out from the library. They both loved it and knew it word for word by the time we had to return it!

7. Book that your children love but you secretly hate?

This is going to be controversial, but I’m going to say the Mog series. I loved them as a child, but can’t see beyond the out-of-date attitudes towards gender roles now. I know they’re a product of their time, but it still irritates me and I think that Mr Thomas is an awful person. To balance this out, I will say that Judith Kerr’s other famous title, The Tiger Who Came to Tea remains a family favourite.